The family of Maria Jose Carrascosa, a Valencian convicted in the United States complains that the Spanish Government has not thrown the rest to prevent it. Now try to serve his sentence in Spain.

For his part, Ian Gibson Hispanist insists on the entire Granada hole until he found the body of Garcia Lorca, as if that were the most urgent need in this country. Of course, others suggested that the Spanish State dredge the Red Sea to recover the remains of two compatriots drowned there.

Then, of course, are those affected by the bankruptcy of Air Comet, who want our government pays for the return journey. And we could go with each more outrageous demands on account of public money. As if our economy were to launch rockets.

We speak of human tragedies and many applications understandable though impractical. And we've gotten to the Public Administration to take over everything, no matter the cost. Never mind the repatriation of the seamen of the Alakrana releasing prisoners, grants to associations unlikely that the reckless rescue lost hikers.

That does not happen in wealthier countries than ours, which is very much tempted clothes before dropping a dime. By contrast, here competing in the various government agencies and charges increase, experts and advisors, officers and employees, in a competition to see which one is more lavish in addressing issues perfectly dispensable but, yes, we do a little poorer every day. Android app