We are in the XXI century and we have risen an average day, some rain, others sunny, cloudy or snowy, well. The world keeps spinning on its axis and around the Sun, as we left last night, we return to our work, our studies, etc.. How do we differ from people that lived about 3,500 years? In the tools, technology, challenges to live (or survive)? Of course now we are different, more sophisticated, with further progress, or not?

The reality is that despite all our advances, we still face the same challenges on how to live, be happy, be strong and overcome our obstacles, how to achieve success and excel in life. But they are the same challenges not mean we can sit back and wield a "technique" of the past, it is our duty to our own answers, because the paradox is that the same world where we live, tour differently for each .

Need for change.

So the first thing we should pause and meditate a little is the need for changes to occur. I read once that someone asked for the stands for growth and, among all the answers, someone said: "pain, growing up is synonymous with pain." Since then I've had in my mind that word. We all wish that life was easier, but the truth is that often there to experience certain things that are negative, but over time we realize that without those experiences, probably would not have matured.

In this connection, I sometimes am tempted to think that in reality there are no negative experiences or positive experiences, primarily because they are experiences and be what we make of them. What matters is the sense that we can draw from those situations that, on occasion, we have proved so disappointing.

However, this does not mean that in every experience we should suffer, but I'm pretty sure (open space of the doubt) that the people who succeed in life without her triumph go to their head and, moreover, know and can serve are people who learned the need for change in the school of suffering, so they grow, mature and able to serve others who are facing times of struggles: family, economic, labor, etc..

So far everything sounds ideal, but what if I lost my job and I have a wife or husband and three children to feed? What if my child is in hospital attacked by a serious illness and I have said has a few weeks of life? What if my daughter was raped and now must carry in its belly a son who does not want?

No doubt these are difficult questions to answer, because the nature of suffering is very strange, it hits with our weaknesses and mocking us, but even then, we remain the only ones who can decide what to do with that experience. I can not offer an answer to questions like those I have raised above, however, a Jewish sculptor who survived the Nazi Holocaust wrote: "Is there any sense of suffering? Yes makes sense, if you switch to one and makes it better "(see Psychoanalysis and humanism by Viktor E. Frankl). It is not easy to digest an appointment, but I recommend at least a few minutes to meditate.

Therefore, although changes need not be painful, most of them are. But it is a necessity for our development there are changes that we "require" to see life from another perspective, prompting us to seek new ways to cope with the challenges that come our way. And if for a moment it seems that the Earth emerged from its axis and goes to final disposal, it only takes a breather think that maybe there is something to learn from all this situation, but do it with a lump in my throat. Take heart, many of us have gone or are going through times of crisis and even though we cried, we believe it is worth stopping, because the world will continue to change, again and again, and only if we are ready we will take the lead.

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