A couple of months ago was on the news that a giant diamond was found in the mines of South Africa. It is the largest diamond ever found. The article was accompanied by an image of the gemstone in its original condition, unpolished.

I must say that the image of the diamond I was disappointed. That diamond was anything more than a piece of ordinary quartz, very similar to the stones that my children used to gather on the beach as kids. I could not imagine that this piece of broken glass was one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

Many times we look to our talents and abilities in the same way. For God is precious and unique, because he knows its true potential, but our eyes are not special.

How many times have we watched our talents and abilities and we do not like much? We know that we have, but then we compare ourselves with others and concluded that the other highlights in this area much more than us.

Be careful when these thoughts invade his mind. He could be throwing away a rough diamond that looks like a piece of glass!

If you look at least their talents and not believed to be able to develop and excel in them, could be that you have difficulty in one of the following areas:

Do not despise small beginnings

Anyone who ever had to start was successful with what he had in his hands, nothing more. At some point in their life must have taken the decision to work hard to make this diamond in the rough into something of great value.

We must never forget that when we admire the achievements of others, we are seeing the fruits of a long process of hard work it took blood, sweat and tears.

This process is lived quietly, with patience and determination. During this process, these people were total strangers. Until one day the diamond was polished and could appreciate its beauty.

The trap of perfectionism

Are you a person who always wants to achieve more than expected? Do you have a pride in high standards in everything it does? Then it might be captive in the trap of perfectionism!

Perfectionism is the enemy of good. It limits our abilities, because no matter what we do is never enough. If a perfectionist can not reach a certain level, or even try to do, because it has very high requirements and can not settle for less.

It's a recipe for failure. If we go to the root of the problem, we can see that the life of a perfectionist revolves around him.

God has a wonderful plan for us and gave us incredible talents and skills, but not for our glory, but of Him

Deliver your gifts to God

Jesus fed 5,000 people with two fishes and bread. Before doing the rose in her hands and thanked God for them. And God worked a miracle!

Similarly, if you surrender your talents and skills to God in faith that He is the one who best knows what to do with them, He will multiply far beyond what you can imagine!

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