General Definitions

There are various definitions that have been given the modesty of agreement on what this involves, for some it is a feeling that prevents showing the body or discuss topics related to sex.

For others, a feeling that moves to hide the feelings, thoughts or actions that are considered intimate, or avoid talking about them: do not tell what's wrong because it gives modesty.

Some people consider him a sense of the person who fears losing his dignity: he looked at me shamelessly.

They also consider as a feeling of shyness or modesty

For corazones is a protective wall of purity that can avoid excesses and moral dangers of all kinds in sexual matters. Although modesty is instinctive, it is also necessary to learn and from small to be able to appreciate and guide properly. 
Modesty protects one's privacy .. The modesty is characteristic of the human person. Animals have no shame. So make public their most intimate functions.

Leonardo Polo says and believes s not exactly modesty as a virtue, but as a feeling and passion of the soul tied to some kind of demonstrations. When it comes to lack shame. Thus, from this perspective, modesty is confused with the feeling of shame. Another way to deal with the shame is that the proposed fil ósofos personalistic. This new presentation of the case holds that it is characteristic of the person being modest. If attention is fixed on the human person modesty acquired a new meaning which is a development of the above. Modesty is always with the person and their disappearance in a decrease of personality. Modesty is the safeguarding of privacy, proof that the person has privacy and not merely public life.

Indeed, that modesty involves the words each one of them deserve to be analyzed with due regard for what is hidden as is honesty, shame, shyness, modesty.

Modesty is expressed said. in: the house, clothing and language.
1-The house is an intimate place. There are times to share with others, but there are times for the family to this meeting alone to share from the heart with confidence is not appropriate to have with everyone.
2-The dress. Cover the most intimate parts, which are not shared with anyone. Those who love and respect for privacy is respected. Hence the zeal that shows the husband or boyfriend for decency in dress of his wife or his girlfriend. -Modesty is not afraid of the naked body, but respect for his great dignity. Give freedom to not be dominated by lust and also protects the others. -Protect you from the intrusive gaze. Safeguarding the gender of the possessive use of others. Not allowed to be reduced to an object. Feel something is to some extent an act of possession. Seeing is like touching distance. Providing the gaze of the other intimate parts of the body is left holding in what is one of more intimate. All exhibition suggests a ceremony. Doing it in public is like prostitution.

3-The language. Modesty does not allow to express "public domain" their emotional states and their weaknesses to the temptation. Avoid those aspects of vulgarity, vulgarity and chaos that accompany certain sexual expressions

With regard to the feeling of shame, bring Leonardo Polo, Aristotle says that shame is the feeling that occurs when man realizes that his reason does not control its physical expression, her movements, her activities. Then the man is incompetent, guilty, or incompetent behavior Tarse that feeling to others with an absence of rational control is negative because work in that way leaves you in the wrong place.

Shame is the feeling, which is reflected in verifying that one has not been able to control rationally. For shame that you can give to get carried away by an impulse, such as anger. Anyone who has angered when, after he realizes he feels shame, as it has shown little rational anger has allowed the deployment of an animal way, instinctively, had failed to control it, imposing on it the reason. Drunkenness is also a source of shame, because the drunk loses reason. Sometimes shame is related to the pursuit of success, or the consciousness of self-worth. So although I said that with age seems to diminish the shame, but there are old men who are ashamed to be. The vain are afraid to fail, to fail, to ridicule, not to heed it or not appreciate. Some social ceremonies having to do with prestige. For example, what was once called "the long dress," the "company presentation". In general, the initiatory rites are so common in all ancient cultures, where the meaning is quite clear: to guarantee that the person is accepted by the members mature, for the most active.

The shame has to do with the danger of not being accepted. Therefore refers to shame others. Its social character is evident. In this line may lead to the opposite of modesty. We said that the vain, is embarrassed when he fails, but the motive of vanity is shallow and therefore is exposed, precisely, the failure to not take it seriously. The vain meant to be appreciated but in claiming there is an irrational factor: to emphasize a disvalue usually cause a backlash, for example teasing. Girls are often arrogant, sometimes more than youngsters. Just look how carefully are arranged and how much time they spend on it.

Leonardo Polo adds us also indicates that something must lose our escapes rational control, as Aristotle says, or the personal award. Precisely who is ready to offer any event, to expose themselves to anyone, whoever does not discriminate their expressiveness or-put another way, who does not discriminate against who is willing to put himself highlighted, in that he lacks spiritual center. Dispersed.

In this sense, his being incontinent transformed into a showcase. It's like saying: "I am here for any success. I rent" so it's fair to say that is thrown into a reified existence. Reification certainly affects more women than male, the male often reifies for functional reasons and because that's the way they deal with reality.

Being treated as a thing for a woman, is a profound contradiction ... So exhibitionism which is so contrary to the personal being in direct contradiction to be feminine. With all modesty is as feminine as masculine. Its manifestations are perhaps different, but deep within the same requirement, just last characteristic of human beings is that human beings are persons and as such an intimacy, not a living being disintegrated thrown to the surface and dispersed in a multifaceted collection of glosses.

Another important aspect of modesty and we analyze it Polo remember, that modesty has to do with love. He who has no modesty is incapable of personal love, because the unchaste can not deliver anything. The shameless ultimately despairs of being a person and then you have nothing to give because there is nothing inside. There is love between a man and a woman. How many carats worth the personal love? What we have staff. This can be expressed with the following sentence: Love is what makes a human being to say "I can not exist only where you are." But if you do not have an ego, if you're a nothing inside, if you're a person, how can you love? and vice versa, how I'll love you? He loves you realize that there can exist only where there is another, there can be no more than the other. That is the true meaning of love. If you delve inside realize that this is the great human yearning, perhaps still more alive in a woman in a male. I can not exist where there is more than you, but if you do not want to be a "me," What do I do? All I can do is help build an "I", reveal your personality. That's love. Android app