Analyze the work environment of a company is one of the components that determine the path to take. But really what to consider. Here is a summary of how to analyze it.


The factors help decide

When radical changes in the scenario is when we must act. In 2002, just in the crisis, the exchange rate had the opportunity to import powder and gave a great opportunity for exporting companies. Change the setting, change the game, and be prepared for change can be a business opportunity.

Political Factors

Tax policies, labor laws and policies of stability in a country affect business costs and therefore in cost. When there is a framework of stability and a reasonable policy, you can plan for the medium and long term more precisely. In contrast, changing policies, the projections are made with terms of less or more control points.

Economic Factors

Interest rates and borrowing costs affecting the working capital you can count on the company for its development.

These financial costs are also affected by general economic development and therefore should also be considered in the plan.

Social Factors

The availability of human resources and rates of active age should also be considered: what if we had good political, economic and technological but we had no staff to produce? In today's enterprise must take into account the guilds and unions.

There are also environmental policies, although in many cases are not regulated, affect the way the receiver or target audience perceives a mark.

Technical Factors

This factor is commonly associated with the automation of industrial processes. But it must also take into account the acquisition cost and lifetime of the production machines, because in some cases, produce more is not necessarily ideal.

All factors are important

When developing a business plan there is a more important factor than another. Just trying to understand the scenario and predict changes and variables that change constantly.

The secret of all good business plan is to be robust to withstand and adapt to the changing scenario.

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