The old notion of "workforce" is fading to be replaced by "intelligence work". Few new jobs which require physical strength or endurance and many more who require increasing doses of intelligence, if only the basic relationships between stimuli and responses, or how to distinguish or compare. What we call productivity often results in replacing the first by the second form of work. The problem is that, for now, higher productivity, more people on the street. "Reconverted" is going to be difficult. Who can believe now in the conversion?

Productivity is a concept designed in the interest of organizations, ie it is an ideology. Since everyone knows that the employer is not there to "create" jobs, but earn the maximum benefit with the least possible number of jobs. But the continuing imposition euphemistic expressions such as "employment regulations, which means reducing the workforce of a company without great effort and without reducing production.

The current development leading to an increasingly diversified structure of jobs, many of them independent of any organization or even outside of state control. Politicians continue with their promises to "create jobs" but what they do is help reduce there. It is curious that what they call "programs in the fight against unemployment" is resolved by legal devices to adapt working methods to different types of concealment, or what is the same, it expands the range of precarious contracts.

The favorable outlook for entrepreneurs from the point of view of the flexible framework for hire complete with a stream of subsidies, tax breaks and subsidies they receive from different sources.

It is incalculable the number of grants that an employer may receive when making a procurement. Regardless of the social costs that this creates, with measures such as getting is that between business extends the idea that any recruitment must necessarily be accompanied by economic subsidy, so that if they get no money hire.

In short, the effect of the tremendous insecurity existing procurement and contract cancellations, it has significantly reduced the proportion of workers with permanent contracts of the total employed population.

It is somewhat ironic that the endemic unemployment uncover the cornucopia for businesses. Rarely Spanish economy has been so protected by the cloak of purple and even less have been the times that a government has done more to enrich the rich. Because, as the poet said: "Everything is happening / is what I feared / and I was figuring." Android app