Among all the causes of discord between partners, the most common by far is money.

The clash that may potentially cause a fight between spouses are many:

False expectations, lack of a proper family budget, misunderstandings, temptations and unnecessary purchases, debt, sexism, etc

There are many useful and practical advice that could be taken to resolve these conflict situations, such as:

  • Take time with your partner to organize your finances
  • Make a budget between the two
  • Avoid impulse buying
  • Be realistic and not spend more than you earn
  • No debt
  • Do not make high risk investments
  • Allow yourself some leeway in the budget
  • Make an emergency fund
  • Agree to the large costs

However, discussions about money have an origin far beyond mere disagreement about money management in marriage. We do not draw anything externally make changes if there is a problem, like a weed that was uprooted, re-sprout in the future.

Many couples are swept under the carpet the problem: selfishness.

It all begins when a man and a woman forget about the original design of their relationship. It is as if they had started building a house with a plane and suddenly determined to continue building without him. It's a formula for failure.

When they decided to spend a lifetime together, had a common project that was going to perform as a team. This means that individual desires are subject to that agreement. Everything is done to succeed as a family unit rather than two individuals living under one roof.

This necessarily implies that both must be willing to sacrifice their own interests to ensure that the project began life together does not fail.

When we focus on our individual needs and seek ways to fill them by ourselves we are undermining the foundation of the joint project.

Jesus said, "more blessed to give than to receive." Although it goes against human logic, we are more blessed to worry about the sake of others before our own supply.

When a couple includes this great truth, cease to have problems in all areas relevant to their relationship, including management of the money.

The best way to achieve this successfully is approaching God together and learn from him how it works that kind of love we all yearn to experience. Android app