I tell them how easy and beneficial it can be to open an investment account online at this time of slow recovery. Beyond that is risky times of crisis always have attractive opportunities. In my case before I get into this world by reading a lot about different brokers or investment houses online, and the programs they offer. To me, the one that convinced me called Ameritrade, because in my case I started with the minimum amount is $ 1000 then had to find one that charges very low fees. For Ameritrade they charge you 9.90 dollars per transaction, but other brokers like Zecco not charge you for each transaction for investment but the systems are just too simple. So you should always seek the best Price - Quality.

Of course that depends on the amount with which one begins, because if we speak of amounts over $ 50,000 for a figure, commissions are probably not a major obstacle to hiring an investment service. In my opinion I think that choosing a broker that meets our needs is at the same height as deciding which stocks to buy. With regard to meeting needs that I mean to an investor it is important that the company has a stable platform or software that allows you to specify options with your transaction more effectively, while for other important thing perhaps is the variety of financial instruments the company provides.

In conclusion I think Ameritrade.com, Brokers Schwab.com are great for folks who just take their first steps into the world of online investments. If they decide to open an account with one of these steps Brokers are super simple and not as most people imagined it. The first thing you should do is register on the website of the broker or www.ameritrade.com www.thinkorswim.com the same page where the guide goes through every step. Once subscribed to the page they are going to send the contract by mail so that you will read and sign. In addition to the contract in the mail you're sending the other requirements they need to open the account are: 1) Photocopy of passport or photocopy of Driver's Book 2) A photocopy of any bill can be light, water, telephone to verify the address and name. 3) Have a Bank Account in Dollars 4) I also will send a form called W8. Completing this form is rather critical because we're specifying that there not being a citizen Americans are not obligated to perform any provision of the gains we get. Lately they are asking for a translation into dollars of bank statements and a letter indicating what their annual income. Do not worry because the statement can translate it yourself or late if you are lucky that their banks can do better. Not that they would be interested which were bank movements, but to verify the address and names. The menu is super simple, first they put the date, then write to whom it is addressed and finally written in English that their income per year are so many dollars and it would be ready. I will leave here a sample of how famous would have to fill the W8 form.

W8 Form

Field 1): Is the name of you. They start with their names and then with their names

Field 2): Your Country

Field 3): This field indicates who will be the beneficiary. Choose the option Single

Field 4): Write your address, city, country and Zip Code

Field 5): Write only if you have an address for receiving deliveries different than they put into the field 4

Field 6): Do not complete because a citizen is only for Americans

Block 7): The amount you have to pay taxes in your country. It is optional, but I would recommend leaving it blank

Block 8): Do not complete

Field 9): choose the first option and write the name of your country

Field 10): Do not complete

Block 11): Do not complete

Then in the fourth only have to sign, date and where it says "Capacity in Greenwich acting" write Benefits Owner. That means that as we are completing the form, but if they can put other options.

After you meet all these requirements the need to send by DHL, FedEx or other private courier along with the signed contract and then to wait several days for them arpueben account. After they approve the tiresome task of the roles they are going to send you bank details for them to do a bank transfer. The only drawback is that the entire procedure takes about 20 days, but if they send them all as they asked not going to have problems and they just pass the bill and will be ready to begin operating. Any doubts they had encountered not hesitate to write.

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