The vast majority of people pursue an education that allows them to insert into the labor market so we can aim for a monthly salary.

The traditional goal of education is to prepare its students so they can be used successfully and thus generate income for their daily sustenance of their lives.

However, once the young adult starts to earn his salary so longed for, is faced with the need to manage it well. At this point in his life he realizes that know relatively little about how to manage their accounts and an emerging set of questions and unknowns.

The needs are many and the opportunities to spend even more salary. So many young people fall into a train of spending in which the expenses are greater than income. Without knowing it, have fallen into the trap of debts for being ignorant in the field of personal finance, an area of vital knowledge that existed in the school curriculum.

If they can save some money, earmarked for savings accounts or term deposits with very low profitability.

What to do and where to start when you have adequately prepared to handle money wisely?

First, it is important not to fall into despair, never too late to learn!

Then you have to take 5 key steps:

1. Order your expenses

The sequence preceding the increase. Take a weekend to gather all your monthly bills, credit card accounts, other payables, checkbooks, insurance, etc. and sort item by item in a binder.

2. Develop a monthly spending budget

Ideally in an Excel spreadsheet, but in any other document.

3. Consider the budget

You now have a clear idea about what their actual costs and is able to organize them better.

4. Make every effort to set aside 10% of their income to invest

If I have to cut expenses drastically, this step is going to make a tremendous difference in your financial future, as this money goes to work for you silently, they will multiply and will have many children.

5. Start looking for alternative investments

Very well put money in a savings account at the beginning, while you are educated on the issue of investment, but look for better alternatives over time. Aspire to invest their money in investment vehicles that give double-digit annual gains, ie up 10%.

Many mutual funds fall into this category. With dedication and study something you will be able to determine which mutual funds are the most profitable and, in turn, the safest. Android app