No matter how overweight a patient has, one would expect very rapid recovery after Lap Band surgery, unlike procedures such as Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass and Duodenal Bypass, it takes longer to recover and return to your normal routine life.

The Adjustable Gastric Banding is a procedure that continues to grow in the field of Bariatric Medicine since its inception about 20 years ago and should not be confused with gastric ring fell into disuse around the world due to its high incidence of failures and complications to the benefits it could bring.

The Lap Band is considered a minimally invasive procedure, as is done with the laparoscope in its entirety and not cut or remove any organ, it allows the patient to return to work early. The Gastric Band helps to reduce the amount of food eaten, besides giving the feeling of being satisfied.


The Gastric Band change your bad habits and creates a healthier lifestyle that improves the quality of your life. All surgical procedures exist for weight require patient cooperation to a greater or lesser extent for their success, regardless weight that one has to lose, so it is false and wrong to think that among heavier patients require a more drastic procedure to solve it.

The first couple of weeks following a Lap Band, eating solid foods is prohibited. Instead, you are asked to follow a diet that will help you get an idea of your new lifestyle.

The first week is a strict liquid diet and then you move to the soft diet puree, eggs, fish, chicken and vegetables cooked and possible changes to the 4th week to the food of a normal diet.

Once you are able to eat foods that get used regularly, you recommend foods that are accepted and foods that can cause problems. These foods include but are not limited to some breads, dried fruits, nuts and coconut, popcorn corn, fried foods, pasta, vinegar, alcohol, pepper and some seasonings.

Given the amount of food they consume compared to how much you use before surgery, you should choose what to eat properly, ie, you choose the quality of what you eat, so they go down in weight and win no more weight of you already have. 


Patients with Gastric Banding also recommend them eat their meals at a slow pace, giving enough time to chew and savor your meals. This will take you half an hour to finish the meal, in doing so, you also hear that organ signal lets you know when enough is enough. Once you got the feeling of fullness you stop eating immediately, otherwise, if you choose to continue eating, the consequences can cause discomfort and ultimately will result in you gain weight.

Eating a balanced diet after a gastric band, full of nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals, allowing your body to lose weight while you clean and remove bad toxins that make you feel better both mentally and physically.

With The Lap Band is expected to have routine checkups with the aid of fluoroscopy in the radiology center. This is the main feature and most important of all, what makes the Lap Band be unique within the procedures for weight loss as the Lap Band system, unlike other weight loss procedures, allows control and adjustment with a syringe the level of restriction or limitation to eat, evaluate your progress and if necessary, close or open the Band . Android app