Today in modern world use of mobiles increasing day by day, so when we hold mobile near to our ears ,then lot of electric radiation are entering to our body through ears. whoever talks more than 30 minutes for a year this lead to disease like cancer. Using a mobile more and more leads to brain cancer said by  WHO(World Health Organization) . EMR(Electro Magnetic Radiation)are the radiation stimulates when we are using mobile, so this radiation are very dangerous to our health in long run. So you should minimize timings when your talking in phone. Sending SMS & E-Mails is better way to minimize talking in phone.

Don't use mobile directly, use Hand-free or speaker mode is the better way to use the mobile.

if your mobile is on is more than enough even if you don't call or call ,Electric radiation will continuously exhibiting from mobile. And also nowadays all peoples keep their mobile in front of their chest ,keeping like this led more dangerous. Some people will thought that keeping handset in hand is safer side, but even from that also danger to health.So keeping handset 1 feet distance is safer side. And even some people when they are sleeping will keep their handset  with them and even they will keep handset near to their ear for alarm ,this are not good habits and not good for health.So keep a distance with your mobile to safer side.

So to keep away from this dangerous rays WHO introduced a SAR(Safety Absorption Ratio) ,So when all mobile company producers should follow the SAR to reduce the radiation from mobile.Even CNET introduced 10 good and bad handsets in their website.

Children and youths use the mobile more and strong rays will affect their brain and that led to cancer ,this will be more whoever below in 16 years. Mobile,phone,gaming console and tv and other gadgets should keep away from children. Android app