We thought that Heart Attack occurs only for above 50years old persons. But nowadays even for 30years old person Heart Attack will be possible. 25% of people who are below 40years and 35% to 45% who are above 50years are suffering from Heart Attack problems. And even High BP is occurring in children’s who are between 14-15 age, this is due to children’s are not involved in regular exercise and setting in front of T.V and computer and eating with potato chips. So this will affect children’s health when they come to age 40.

The main reason for Heart Attack in Men’s is due to ‘smoking cigarettes ‘.Even for Style College students will be smoking cigarettes .And in women’s smoking and diabetes are the main reasons for heart attack. Peoples who are below 40years having habit of smoking, for them five times danger in heart attack.

People who are mentally affected, has sedentary life style and not doing regular exercise are the main reasons for heart attack.

Symptoms of Heart Attack:

There will be pain inside the chest and middle portion, shoulders, left hand, backbone and other parts, and even vomiting, sweating, respiratory problem, acidity and gastric are the other problems.

How to predict before Heart Attack occurs?

60% of patients will be suffering from chest pain, pain in left hand shoulder, stomach pain and sweating are the main symptoms for Heart Attack. And also 10-20 Heart Attack patients will say they are suffering from mostly back pain or non-digestion and discomfort in throat problems.  

And also there are chances of ‘Silent Heart Attack ‘.Silent Heart Attack means Heart Attack will occur without any chest pain. This type of Silent Heart Attack will occur whoever has more diabetes and also for old people.

Even in child birth problems like there will be hole in heart, mixture of pure and impure blood disease and heart beating problems. Diseases occur after births are rheumatic fever and more blood pressure.

How to Prevent Heart Attack?

Stop smoking cigarettes, balancing weight of your body, eat a food which has low fat and high vitamins. Controlling high BP and diabetes. Doing regular exercise. Men’s who are above 35years and women’s who are above 45 years should test once a every year.

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