After surviving from hot summer, everyone in happy because its rainy season. But remember if you not cautious about virus, bacteria around you. This will lead to unhealthiness in your body. So to protect yourself in Rainy Season here are some useful tips.

  • Do not allow water to stand around your house. Otherwise stagnant water will help to mosquito breeding and there is chance of spreading Malaria, Dengue and other diseases.
  • In Rainy Season using cotton cloths is better. It should be full arm cloths. Do not use ordinary powder, use fungal powder.
  • Do not touch rainy water with your bare legs. Otherwise it will lead to Athlete foot.
  • In rainy season give more importance to protect your hairs. Clean your hairs by shampoo or air-conditioner.
  • Do not eat bought or outside food. Food prepared in home is best.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables with mixed potassium hot water
  • Do not allow children's to play in rain.
  • Wear warm dress when entering to room. Android app