First Bank in Karnataka is Chitradurga Bank of Limited, established in 1870. At that time they were planning to build treasure banks. So at the end of 1870 there are 70 banks. In 1906 Corporation and Canara Bank established and then two banks started to grow rapidly. And at 1913 ,Mysore Bank was established.

First time in Bangalore ,Urban Bank was established in 1907.

And First time in Bangalore ,Imperial Bank or Reserve Bank was established in 1943.

From Britishers Banks were started in India. Mainly from East India Company for business purpose. Companies in India, to maintain collected money and others ,they supported the growth of Banks. 

At 1786 ,First General Bank was established in India. At 1806 Bank of Calcutta, at 1840 Bank of Bombay
, at 1843 Bank of Madras was established.

First time in India ATM service was started in Mumbai. This service established on 1987 at HSBC sahara road. Android app