Attila The HunAttila ( 395 Danubian plains - Valley Tisza , 453 ) was the last and most powerful leader of the Huns , tribe probably from Asia, although its exact origins are unknown. Attila ruled the greatest empire of his time European, from 434 until his death in 453 . Known in the West as "The Scourge of God." Their possessions extended from Central Europe to the Black Sea , and from the River Danube to the Baltic Sea . During his reign was one of the most bitter enemies of the Roman Empire, which at this final stage of it was divided into two: The Eastern Empire with its capital in Constantinople , now Istanbul , and the Western Empire with its capital in Rome and later in Ravenna . Twice invaded the Balkans , was about to take the city of Rome and came to lay siege to Constantinople . Marched across France to reach even Orleans , until the Roman general Aetius was forced to retreat in the Battle of the Champs Cataláunicos in the 451 ( Châlons-en-Champagne ). Managed to flee to the western emperor Valentinian III from his capital, Ravenna , in 452 .

The empire of the Huns died with Attila. The Huns were a nomadic people of hunters and ranchers. Not often used in agriculture or industry in their social organization, and the writing was rarely used to document their history, so it disappeared, leaving no outstanding heritage. What little is known about them that we owe in large part to its greatest enemies, the Romans. Nevertheless, Attila became a legendary figure in European history , and much of Western Europe is remembered as the epitome of cruelty, destruction and plunder. Some historians, however, have portrayed as a great and noble king, and three sagas Scandinavian include it among its main characters.

Reign     434 - 453
Birth       395
               Danubian plains
Death     453
               Valley Tisza , Hungary
Predecessor     Bleda and Rua
Successor         Elac
Father            Mundzuk


Bleda and Attila
The Huns Europeans seem to have been a western branch of the Hsiung-nu or Xiongnu , proto-Mongolian group or proto-Turkic nomadic tribes of northeast China and Central Asia . These people overcame their opponents militarily (many of refined culture and civilization) for their predisposition for war, its amazing mobility, thanks to its small, fast horses and his extraordinary skill with the bow (see Hun bow .)

Attila was born around the year 406 . As a child, the assumption that at an early age was already a capable leader and a seasoned warrior is reasonable, but there is no way to confirm. After the death of his father, Attila meets and decides to accompany his uncle to learn the art of war. Android app