As we grow we realize that in life there are basically two kinds of people: the successful and failed. Note that I have not written "those that are successful" because this is a very vague appreciation of a fully realized person, and I have not written "those with failures" because they both so unreal expressions reflect the essence of the individual. You can not measure success or failure of some level of a person's life, nor his happiness, authenticity and value. These qualities are beyond the events surrounding a human being, as they determine how persistence will continue to work to achieve their dreams and beyond.

And history is replete with examples of people who experienced great setbacks that seemed insurmountable, and yet went ahead, put your eyes on the stars and these led to the realization of their highest aspirations. But imagine for a moment that Thomas Alba Edison had thought it impossible to make your bulb after all the times that his experiments were unsuccessful, or Madame Curie think as a scientist surrendered because she was a woman in a society that does not credit was precisely because they are women, or excusing himself meditates on Napoleon Bonaparte in his short stature. Each could have resigned with apparent reasonableness, but today none of them would be remembered, studied, exemplified, and so on.

It is impressive to read about these great men and women who did not just go through life, but is released (consciously or unconsciously) to be makers of history itself. But what about us? I mean: Are we building our lives to make our mark in history? Maybe we can not be remembered by everyone, as is the case of some, but those around us will remember us? How do we see: Success or Failure? Will we see it as an example of service, dedication and selflessness or we will be quickly forgotten? The answer to these questions lies in this.

Every day is our privilege to live as successful people. As I said before, the events do not determine what we are, but we are largely responsible for what happens in our lives. Through our attitudes, thoughts, behaviors, and others, we build what we want our future, but such construction is always in the present. When we see the past we can only contemplate how we put our bricks, no opportunity to change something about it, when we see into the future can only imagine how we would place the new bricks, but is only present when in construct reality. Therefore, although it is not possible to quantitatively measure the true success or failure of a person, we can do this by their constant habits. Aristotle's words resonate when he says: "We're the ones we do every day, so that excellence is not an act but a habit." Being a successful person is to be an excellent person, hence cultivate healthy habits is important.

A few words about the habits.

Put another way, your habits determine our destiny. The good news is that we cultivate habits of excellence, and we can abandon habits we know are harmful. It is true that breaking a habit is difficult, but imagine how difficult it is to live a mediocre life, grieving, hoping for better things to feel good even for a moment. By contrast, when we programmed our brains with constructive and positive habits, we are ensuring that we build in this will result in a solid structure that we can look to the past, and a projection of quality when we see into the future.

However, the only one who can decide on this subject is oneself. You and me. The success with which we live our lives depends on each one, because "we are the architects of our own destiny," for that reason, starting today we need to take the reins of our lives, because without doubt the success, true, depends on you ... and me. Android app