About Vinkle video editor:

Vinkle is a video editor and photo editor app developed by Big Head Brothers. You can make creative and attractive videos of yourself and post it on social network sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. The interface is easy to use with a lot of features to choose from which includes pre built music videos, templates, 3D effects. You will love this app which helps to create hilarious and funny videos of yourself which can then be shared with your friends and family. The app has been developed by Big Head Brothers and they have created several other famous apps like doupai, dpcloud, zishuo etc. It is available both for Android and Apple and has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the play store. You can watch the below short video to find out the main utility of the app.

How to use Vinkle Video Editor app:

Vinkle is very user friendly. It comes with a host of 100+ musical videos for free which lets you enjoy multimedia features without any problem. In order to use the app, you need to record a video in real time with the music and beat of your choice. There is a in-built library available to choose the music beats and also a section called featured media. Alternatively, if you are unable to record on the spot, you can use one of the pre-shot video clip on your mobile and use the in-built editing tool to edit your videos and post it on social media. There are a lot of effects and templates available which will make you like this app much more. Also, you can use the photos in your media library to create lovely slideshows. Therefore, the possibilities are immense.

Where to download Vinkle Halloween video editor:

Vinkle free video editor is available for download for both Android (4.4 and above) on the Google Play Store as well as for iOS on the Apple store. In case you are unable to use it from there or need a different version, you can alternatively download it from other third party websites. Below is the list of sites from where you can download the vinkle app.

What are the features of Vinkle video editor app:

As I described earlier there are a lot of features which come with Vinkle app. The below are a snapshot of what all you can do with this app:

  • You can choose from a variety of video templates with a lot of music effects available
  • You can pick from your photos and add effects or you can prepare a slideshow
  • Stickers are available for finalizing your video/photo
  • Save the video which you have edited to your phone and start sharing with your friends and family instantaneously on social media

What are the pros and cons of Vinkle video editor app:


  • It is user friendly
  • Easy to use without much hassle and requirements
  • Over 100 effects and templates
  • You can even create slideshows


  • Takes some time to render video

What are the features available in premium/paid version:

You can opt for premium subsription by paying amount. It is available for weekly subscription or annual mode. The following are the benefits of choosing premium:

  • Access to all premium templates with more motion graphics and dynamic music
  • You can save time by unlocking the priority uploading access for your video clips
  • Watermark and ads will be removedin the app after you subscribe
  • Premium subscription is billed weekly / annually at the rate which applicable to the plan selected by you

Contact the developer for more support and help:

The app has been developed by Big Head Brothers and we (vinkle.com) are in no way connected to the developer. All the material mentioned herein are the copyright of Big Head Brothers developers and we are just providing information. The below is the contact details of the developer and we request you to directly get in touch with the developer in order to address your queries.

Contact: DupaGlobal@gmail.com

Latest Version of Vinkle video editor:

Latest Updates on Vinkle Music Video Editor App:

  • App has been updated by Big Head Brothers on September 30, 2020
  • Enjoy from more than 700 templates. 
  • 3D photo effect: Turn normal photos into 3D photo effects which can then be converted to 3D video
  • More transitions, motion graphics etc.
  • Smoother experience!

If you have any features you want to see in future versions of Vinkle video editor, do not hesitate to write to DupaGlobal@gmail.com for your feature request.

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