To actually be able to work as a team the first thing you have is a group of competent persons (with the knowledge, skills and motivation to do well what they should do) and the following conditions must exist:

  • That all team members maintain friendly relationships based on job role.
  • That the achievement of the objectives motivate all members
  • That all team members are regarded as important in achieving the end result of team work
  • Let everyone know team members function in the absence of management
  • That all team members have a sense of belonging
  • That all team members know their roles and responsibilities
  • That all team members comply with existing hierarchies
  • That all team members to respect authority


  • That all team members have self-discipline (not requiring constant supervision)
  • That the appreciation of the achievements is for the whole team

Any working group that meets the above requirements may be considered a true team.

But to achieve this, which usually is not simple, can be done with the following recommendations:

The first is that everyone understands the importance of what they do as a team and the impossibility of doing without the individual participation, however small. (For example, a telecommunications company, the technicians are very important, but if the customer service staff does not not provide adequately, it is a good company to end users or clients).

It should delineate the roles of each party to avoid duplication and wasted efforts or interference occur professionals. It is essential that managers (or team leaders) are open to giving encouragement and recognition to any act by a member of the team and is a contribution to the cohesion and smooth functioning. There is more material to provide a stimulus when the situation warrants. Individualize the worker and respect at all times in their physical and moral integrity is an essential element to form working copies. Calling people by name and know who they are, worry about the worker as a human (father, brother, husband) and their families will strengthen the satisfaction, motivation and cohesion to the objectives cooperatives. Provide feedback to people about the errors they can get to commit and make recommendations for the future, as well as feedback on individual performance and group, are elements that allow each person and group going monitoring in general management, knowing they are doing well and that should work a little more. 

Trust in the capabilities and the criteria of people. Compromise to work well, recognizing the importance of what they do and be an example and model of human and professional qualities. Android app