About a hundred workers of the petrochemical industry took a refinery Saturday west of Paris, in one of the few protests held after the approval by the Senate of the pension reform.

This reform, which raises the retirement age from 60 to 62 years, was approved emergency in the National Assembly last month and the Senate on second vote, as the government resorted to a special procedure to expedite the approval in the Senate . The Parliament ratified on Wednesday.

Hundred workers have stopped refinery west of Paris

The protesters gathered in the park near the facility, on a rainy day, which ensured that they can still force the president, Nicolas Sarkozy to backtrack on reforms. Refer to historical precedents of laws that were adopted and then withdrawn, as President Mitterrand in 1982, which sought to abolish the public schools or 2006 that sought to establish a precarious contract for people under 26 years

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