Among majestic fireworks, a colossus of Rhodes Mexican-style dancers and a host of air, held last night Mexico's Independence Bicentennial on high alert for possible attacks from drug trafficking.

At exactly 11 pm, President Felipe Calderón stepped onto the balcony of the capital's National Palace with the Tricolour in their hands and cheered to the Heroes of Independence, before a crowded main floor (the largest square in the country).

Tens of thousands of people were there the ceremony called Grito de Dolores, while hundreds of thousands gathered in the Paseo de la Reforma watched the ritual on giant screens, all with the pride of being Mexican jumping in every cell.

Prior to Cry-replica of the priest Miguel Hidalgo, father of our country, would in the town of Dolores in 1810 to call to arms, "a giant 20 meters high and eight tons was lifted in the middle of the Zocalo.

The portrait, like an insurgent with a broken sword in hand, wanted to symbolize the titanic rebuilding a country after the battle.

Later, dozens of dancers suspended from the sky seemed to dance upon nothing, sliding down a thin, almost invisible network, forming the name of Mexico with their bodies. One of them was driven by a powerful jet of air from the floor to the heights.

Then it began to rain fire on the National Palace in a show of flames, before the appearance of the President.

Calderon came out, rang the bell and run the three "Viva Mexico!" Usual, this year more special than ever before.

The fireworks of the night, extended the golden Angel monument, to be borne by those responsible for the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games and Sydney 2000, finished the ceremony.

The lived day-afternoon rain just walked a parade-historical reasons, including the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl-pre-Hispanic myths and traits that identify Mexico as the mariachi.

The high cost of the celebrations and their suitability, amid strong security crisis and millions of families in the grip of poverty for decades have been marked in recent months a heated debate across the country.

Following the Grito, was discharged in part the tension of the muscles of the Executive, on high alert for days against possible attacks.

The fear of government is a repetition of such an important date in one or more attacks similar to that lived in the southern city of Morelia in the Cry of 2008, when eight people died and dozens were injured as a result of throwing grenades.

Therefore, the capital, hub of the celebrations, was reinforced with 40,000 police officers, and the presence of federal security forces.

At least eight armed persons were detained in the country by the presumption that they could carry out an attack during the celebrations.

Six of them were caught with heavy weapons and grenades on the resort Cancun in the Mexican Caribbean, and they are suspected to find an attack against the city and the local jail.

The other two detainees were found among the crowd in Mexico City, holding twelve shotgun shells and a bag of nails, which presumably would have articulated in the form of pipe bomb shrapnel.

In some parts of the country with special activities of drug cartels, especially the northern border states, have been suspended for the Independence celebrations, or they have been advanced or limited.

Is the case of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's most violent city, which has more than 2,000 murders this year the mayor shall transmit the Cry from his office. Then she launched fireworks that were expected to provide for citizens from their homes. Android app