Republican Party leader in the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell, warned that attempt to curb health care reform, the flagship of the president's policy, Barack Obama, while acknowledging that this is a difficult challenge, so surely will to settle for more modest changes.

"We can and should propose and vote on a direct reform" of the new health system, McConnell said in a speech to the Heritage Foundation, while admitting that it is likely that Obama will use its veto, thereby blocking the Republican initiatives.

Thus, the senator said his party will focus on "deny funding for its implementation" in the House of Representatives, where Republicans assume control in January after his victory in legislative elections on Tuesday.

altFor their part, Democrats accused Republicans of giving priority to the interests of large corporations on the welfare of millions of families. "It is significant that the first thing on your list of 'todo' is to restore power to large health insurance companies," said Jim Manley, spokesman for Democratic leader Harry Reid in the Senate.

The health system law, passed this year despite opposition from Republicans, represents a major reform of the industry in decades. His intention is to offer coverage to millions of people without health insurance.

The repeal of this reform has been a major Republican campaign promises in the last legislative have wrested control of the House Democrats and have reduced their majority in the Senate. Android app