Guatemala's general elections

Guatemala's General Elections 2011 were held on Sunday September 11th of 2011 , and renewed them the holders of elective office of the Republic of Guatemala . Currently awaiting the second round of elections in which Guatemalans will choose between two options that led the elections. These are the positions to be elected:

  1. President of Guatemala : Head of State of Guatemala to perform the duties of the executive by popular mandate. Replace Alvaro Colom of National Unity of Hope .
  2. Vice President of Guatemala , is who shall act as President of the Republic of Guatemala in the cases established by the Constitution. The Vice President is first in line of succession to the Head of State and Government in case you missed the President absolutely. He replaces José Rafael Espada of the same party.
  3. Members of the Congress : There are two classes:
  • By District.
  • On National List

     4. Members of the Central American Parliament .

     5. Mayors: Of the 334 municipalities.


Of the 11 presidential candidates who submitted their registration with the Register of Citizens of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), the inscriptions of Sandra Torres (UNE / WIN) and the Harold Caballeros (VIVA-EG) were not accepted by the TSE, for "fraud in law" in both cases. TSE's decision regarding the candidacy of Sandra Torres was upheld by the Supreme Court and Constitutional Court. In the case of Harold Caballeros, the Supreme Court granted the registration of the candidacy of Knights. Android app