A long convoy of official cars and a brief statement to confirm that the Northern League will continue to support the Executive of Silvio Berlusconi. This is what has seen Italy at the end of a meeting that has remained in suspense for hours, which was attended by the Italian prime minister and leaders of the federalist party of Umberto Bossi.

The appointment was against the backdrop of the cabals of the Italian press after the ultimatum issued by Gianfranco Fini, who no longer supports the scandals of Il Cavaliere. The president of the Chamber of Deputies and former ally of Berlusconi was threatened on Sunday to take their three government ministers unless it submitted his resignation.

On the streets of Rome, many express their weariness in this situation:

- "Berlusconi should have resigned long ago. Can not continue. "

- "Instead of going with girls, why not do something for us? Berlusconi should resign, but those who replace him will have to do good things. But it will be worse, you'll see .... Greetings to Fini. "

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