The getcounted panel is juxtconsult initiativeto provide indian consumers a platform to voluntarily provide their opinoins, feedbacks and personal preferences on current happenings, product and services bought, or intended to be bought , through online surveys.


The feedback collected actually helps companies  in making things better for people like us, and to create better product and services .

The membership to the Getcounted consumer world is completely free of cost to you. All it requires from you is little time and effort that you will need to spend in filling online surveys posted on the website, And there are possible rewards(in cash or kind) that you can win every time you participate in the survey  and complete them with sincerity and with honesty.


The Rewards are given below that you can win:


1)Rs.1000/- daily cash prize  for participating in daily polls.


2)An indiviudual survey-wise cash prize of Rs.10,000 per survey.


3)A monthly prize of Rs.1 Lac(Rs.100,000).


4)A yearly bumper prize of Rs.10 Lac(Rs.1,00,0000) to be won among all the active members of Getcounted Live (members who are active entire year)


5) And also there is refrral program where you can earn Rs.100/- Per person you bring.


A website is a surveying website & it is 100% guranteed website because i got money from this website if you will not trust me you can visit & see winners list & there is my name called c darshan . after every month they will announce winners & there is surve for 100000 rs & for 10000 rs and also gifts you is trusty because i got cheque of 100000 rs after announcing i am winner If you want proof click here and see my name C Darshan.


For sending a cheque they will ask more details about you like you should be 18yrs old to participating in this website ,you should give correct details about you when you signuping ,& they will adopt monthly 1lakh competition & every week they will adopt 10000rs has a surve, if your a lucky you will win because it is like a lucky dip.if you refer members you will get that much chance you will get in lucky dip,who knows you will also win just signup & participate in survey.It is really trusty i got a cheque & also i got money 100000rs.


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