Domain Name directly afects your Business & your Identity. Having a Proper Domain Name is must for every Organisation/Company. Apart from it, it should be fully SEO Optimised, so that it can rank well in Search Engines.

Most of the Bloggers avoids the SEO Optimised Domain Name Selection. If you are one of them, then it can harm your Blog. I always do a Research before purhasing a domain. I have mentioned some tips which will help you in Good & Optimised Domain Name Selection.

1. Include your Keyword in Domain

It is always adviced to include your keyword in Domain. This will make your Domain Fully Optimised. You can try Google Keyword Tool to select your keywords. For Example if you are looking to build a blog on "tech" niche, then try Including "tech" in your Domain Name. This really helps you in gaining Search Engine Rankings.

2. It should be easy to Remember

This is the major step in Selecting a Domain Name as it will be responsible for getting traffic to your Blog. The Domain Name should be easy to remember because in most of the cases the visitor tries to remember the site name so that they can access it later also. He/She tends to pass or spread the website name to there friends because of its easy name.

3.Dont Neglect Extensions

According to my so far experience in SEO, I have experienced that Domain extensions matters a lot in Domain Name. Generally .com, .net, .org Domain Extension easily gets indexed in google. Also if you go for .in, .us, .fr domains, it shows that your are targeting only a particular country audience, even if you are looking for readers all over the World.

4. Never Use Special Symbols

It is not recommended to use special symbols like Hyphens(-), Percent(%), Semicolon(:) etc in the domain name because these type of domain names are generally ignored by the visitor & the visitor does not remember the site name and even Google take a long time to index the Domain Name.

5. Use Expired Domains

Most of the SEO workers, Bloggers & Webmasters recommend to buy the Expired Domains. The advantage of Buying Expired Domain is that the expired domain which was previously used will still be SEO Friendly and will be index by Google and all other Search Engines. This is the most important step and you should follow it.. Android app