Yes, all the time. Google is a company that, even though it despite several, has managed to remain at the pinnacle of the search business and online business for some time, practically since the dawn of the internet as we know it today. If we look at the use that gave the Internet does, say, five years, no doubt find that it is very different to what we do today with the network of networks. Users change, age groups and demographics with expanding Internet access, as well as the average time of Internet use per capita. Habits and customs also mutate as much as what users are searching online, your searches and the sites they visit. However, Google is always growing, and occupy spaces in every possible niche in this fascinating activity. Since the mobile content to their first attempts at making hardware, starting with a cell phone, the Nexus, available from the fifth of January, to the manufacture of a laptop itself. Videos, social networking, bookmarking, email, everything seems to fall under the umbrella of the Mountain View giant. But what remains its backbone, the key to his success is his strongest support your browser. And it seems that does not change.

However, the choice of the word "seem" is not random. Since last summer, Google has been testing a new architecture of searches, Google Caffeine. This means that eventually, Google will change the way we select the natural results, and therefore how to organize your PageRank, and rank the sites.

For some time, Google made available to its users a "Sandbox", being the literal translation of the term "Sandbox", ie a place for children to play. The idea was to test this new way of presenting the results of the searches, and receive feedback from users. The "Sandbox" is no longer on the air, and Google has announced on its corporate blog that they are ready to begin applying this new algorithm, a server first, then extend it to all your network.

Before those involved in the SEO begin to have a nervous breakdown, should be recommended to take things in stride. If until now the algorithm has been with us for so long has been treated as an oracle, not that many came to fully understand why the order of the natural listings, now that everything will change, it makes sense to generate a degree of concern.

We'll see how things develop. The change has already begun, and it has been cleared, the new architecture can make some sites to improve their positioning, while others will not so favored. Google promises faster, more accurate results to what users are looking for, and understanding-not "understand" but to "understand", "cover" - of results. It will be a matter of seeing what happens, and where we were standing. Ultimately, I believe, that doeth good SEO, you have nothing to worry about. Android app