Just as we are concerned to increase our online reputation, we must also be careful about the negative comments you may have about us in the network. The good name that we meet our customers can be lost within hours at the hands of malicious users or ex - employees resentful. Therefore it is necessary to make management of ongoing damage control to prevent anything may spatter. Remember that as a positive comment we can generate many sales, a negative one can be devastating.

The damage to our reputation may come primarily from two sources, the real negative comments of our contacts or customers and organized campaigns to discredit us. We will see how to deal with each case.

It may happen that, indeed, a customer may be dissatisfied with our services. Take every complaint as an opportunity to learn and improve our performance. Once the storm passes, we will most fortified, because not only neutralized the attack, but other clients can see that we took over, and our customer service actually works.

The first thing to do in this case, is to put the contest of social networks. Take it to the plane of the email. If possible, dissatisfied customer phone call. Forget words like justice and equity. Not much to do in this case. If you can not fix the problem, offer to refund your money, and closes the issue as soon as possible. That simple.

But the worst scenario is when we are victims of an organized campaign of vilification. It can take many forms, from comments in the forums, even someone to devote their time to bind certain non-holy sites with his name, usually poker sites and pornography.

When things happen so we tend to feel angry, and rightly so. But legal action, protest and have a bad time, will not yield the desired results. What is called Reverse SEO may be the answer. Refers to try to lower the ranking of these sites with bad links to us, and minimize its effect. It is the same as these sites go on the first page of natural results, which in subsequent pages. Perhaps we can not reach the webmaster of these forums delete these comments. Then, reverse SEO is our response.

First, list the sites listed above negatively. Second, investigate your PageRank, traffic environment, and level of exposure. This gives the notion of the extent of his enemy. Finally, start a campaign strong positive link building, to enable their positive links are gaining ground and "overthrow" the negative results. For this, social networks, and massive content syndication.

Take for constant monitoring policy of social networks, no doubt this is the best way to prevent disasters or at least cut in the bud before they germinate.

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