Why do you need to have a website? the website of a company reflects its image in front of millions of people who visit provides an important increase in sales represents a significant improvement in customer service and a very important extension of the clientele, currently available a website on the Internet is like opening a new store in the real world. The websites selling any products enable us to expand the borders of our tent without special costs. In Clamsol we can make an e-commerce portal totally professional to sell their products over the Internet, by providing appropriate the necessary means for its perfect operation.
Designing a website is important to offer that first good impression with your clients, but not exclusively. A quality website you need the other requirements to enhance the success of their service: clarity, ease of use, speed of loading, etc.., Are decisive factors in attracting customers.
We are a developer of Web services to companies wishing to expand their businesses by using Internet.

What does your website? What tools do you need your business to give customers a quality service? In Clamsol we want to offer the ability to customize your site to the smallest detail. Come discover what each of these modules, which comprise, or complement, the functions of your website. If you are unsure at any point, ask us for free advice.

News Management

Easily manage news. The news feature date, title, subtitle, description, photos, etc.. You can mark them as outstanding and will automatically appear in your homepage.

CMS Content Manager

This module is highly recommended when you need a page that constantly varying its very content. You can edit it easily as if it were their most common word processor.


For your business needs internationally accessible as their contents may appear in multiple languages. You can include as many languages need without involving duplicate costs.

Web Agenda  

Write down appointments and important events. Manage the agenda for individual users and administrators who can point users appointments throughout. Use your manager notice, it will send an email when it is to produce the event.

Partners / Members

Managing partners or users of your site will be easy. Restricted content will be available for registered users. Use all the marketing techniques necessary for customer loyalty.

Flash Module

The dynamism of Flash allows animations for informing their visitors in a pleasant and enjoyable.

Photo Gallery

A picture is worth a thousand words. A website is information and images. Easily manage your photo galleries. Arrange them by categories or events to expedite your inquiry.

Virtual Catalog

Organize your products. Sort them into categories and subcategories. Store information on how many fields they need. Name, description, characteristics, dimensions, weight, price, etc.. May indicate what is news, what you offer, what to present in detacado special way.

Search articles

Search on your articles on all fields. Advanced searches to help demanding users with more specific criteria of what you need.

intuitively easy and use shopping cart provides access to our customers. This task should be to clear them, which allows you to purchase, eliminating the unwanted, and so on. You can review the history of the orders.

Payment Gateway

You may make online payment card as payment, such as micro via SMS. You can use any payment gateway market (4B, BBVA, HSBC, La Caixa, PayPal, etc ...)

Forums and Chats

Open to all who have questions or wish to exchange views on any subject. This interactivity with visitors help us to improve day by day.


Have been consolidated as an alternative means of communication via the Internet with a great social influence. The blogs are generating their own success generated by the community around them.

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