Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites:

If you want to earn extra money from Google Adsense, then you can use Adsense revenue sharing to generate more money.

Adsense revenue is shared between 50% to 100% depending on the websites you select. You can earn money from adsense revenue sharing by creating contents in the form of forum,videos,photos,articles,posts,blog or any other content. If you create such contents then you will get visitors to your contents, more the traffic ,easy to earn.

The article content can generate you more traffic means more money. So best way to get earn money is by creating articles.

Adsense revenue sharing allows you to publish your content in any different websites and you can earn some decent money. Select the websites which have higher ranking in SEO, so that you will get more traffic for you content.

So First you have to do is to signup in Google Adsense by following terms and condition, then start earning.

Here are the Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

  • Squidoo - it is very good revenue sharing website and provides 100% revenue sharing

  • Vinkle! - it is a good website to earn money, it has good ranking in SEO and provides 100% revenue sharing.

  • Flixya- It is social networking website ,has good earning and Share videos, photos, and blogs and provides 100% revenue sharing.

  • Hub Pages-Publish information on a topic you like to write and provides 10% revenue sharing.

  • Trend Hunter-Report trends that you find

  • Vubx-A gadgets article and blog site

  • Tip Drop-Share tips and advice – 75%

  • Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing- Interesting link building venture 75%

  • Writing Campus - 100% revenue sharing

  • SoundChilds - 100% revenue sharing

  • Music Nerds - 100% revenue sharing Android app