Google Inc. is the owner of the Google brand, whose main product is the search engine of the same name. This engine comes as a doctoral dissertation by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (two students of doctorate in computer science from Stanford University ) to improve Internet searches, coordination and counseling was done by Mexican Hector Garcia Molina who served as director of the Laboratory of Computer Science also from Stanford University . Based on the project completed, Page and Brin founded on September 4 of 1998 for Google Inc. This search engine overcame more popular at the time, the search engine AltaVista had been created in 1995 . 

Although their main product is the browser , the company also offers other services: a price comparison called Google Product Search (formerly known as Froogle), a search engine for material stored on local disks ( Google Desktop Search ), a service email called Gmail , the 3D world map Google Earth service or instant messaging based on Jabber / XMPP called Google Talk .

Google is currently working on new projects like the $ 100 PC , a new operating system , Google Docs & Spreadsheets , collaboration and promotion of applications of free software like Firefox , installation of several free wireless networks, develop an open protocol system voice communication among others. It is also speculated that he would be working on developing a "Google Office" and a global network of fiber optics .

Vint Cerf , considered one of the fathers of the Internet , was hired by Google in 2005 . The company trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker GOOG.

In October 2006 , Google acquired for U.S. $ 1.650 billion the famous video site YouTube .

In April 2007 , Google bought DoubleClick , a company specializing in Internet advertising by 3100 million. Earlier this month, Google became the world's most valuable brand, reaching the amount of 66,000 million dollars, beating flagship companies like Microsoft , General Electric and Coca-Cola .

In July 2007 , Google acquired Panoramio , a website dedicated to exhibit the photographs themselves that users create and geopositioning , some of which are uploaded to the site so they can be viewed through the software Google Earth , which aims to allow users of the software to learn more about a specific area of the map, looking at pictures that other users have taken there.

Google Inc.

Some of their products are:

  • Google Search
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • Google News
  • Google SketchUp
  • Google Video
  • Google Earth
  • AdSense
  • AdWords
  • YouTube
  • Picasa
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Buzz
  • Google Desktop


The name Google is a play on words between the number googol (a term improvised by the nephew of nine years of Edward Kasner , Milton Sirotta, in 1938 , representing 10 to the 100) and glasses (goggles). 

There is also a search engine for images, newsgroups and directory. The technique that lets you put a page in a good position of a search is the Web positioning (also known as PageRank ), patented by Google.

In addition to local sites in each country there is a personalized home page of Google in which case, the classic form, you can add links, news topics, and a look at the inbox Google Mail, Gmail .

Google uses several web spiders whose function is to collect and sort the information. The longest spider crawling the network is the Googlebot , responsible for collecting the links then find on Google. It also operates as FreshBot robots, which scans the major sites with it Nota esplicativa della funzione Download Cliccando sul download del casino si avviera il processo di scaricamento e successivamente quello di installazione del software di gioco. frequently updated information, such as portals news .


When you reach the homepage of the browser highlights the simplicity of its interface, which can be distinguished mainly its logo (changing according to different events of various kinds which may be relevant) different categories, the table, the buttons and the search scope plus a small menu of options.

The button "I'm feeling lucky" takes us directly to the first result, useful when looking for things popular (' Microsoft '' Renault '' Google ', etc.) and an "advanced search" that allows us to specify the search without knowledge of all operators that Google offers.

In addition to the basic search, Google has many advanced search features to refine queries.

Searching and simple operators

Quotation marks: you can specify the Google engine to search an expression composed of two or more words literally, by typing the search terms in quotes.
"Used cars" will search all sites containing the phrase "used cars" literally.
AND: By default Google launches search results in linking the words entered by the user using this operator. So the end result of a search without specifying anything or using the AND operator results will contain both the word list specified.
The search "cars AND occasion" or "used car" get the same results, a list of Web sites that contain the word car and the word time.
OR or symbol "|": If you want to specify that it is not necessary the appearance of the two words in each search result, but each of them separately, you must specify the OR operator between the terms to be met this criterion.
"OR hand cars" now will result in a list of Web sites containing the word car or occasion.
An operator -: to preclude the search results. Must be specified before the end to ignore in order to seek the results that do not contain the specified word.
"Car-chance" to seek Web sites that contain the word car but no time.
You can assign different operators to fields delimited with parentheses:
"(Car OR motorcycle) AND occasion" search all webs that contain the word car or bike and with either of these two is essential to appear once.
Special commands:
"Site: site_name words to search", search only in this site.
"Site: math," searches for all pages containing the word "mathematics" in the web
You can view a site even when not working by clicking on the "cache" that appears next to each of the search results.
If you put "define:" followed a word (eg define: Human body) seeks definitions and encyclopedic text on that topic.
Using "cache:" before a URL , we display the contents of the Google cache (this is useful at a time when for some reason an address is not reachable temporarily).
If you type "filetype:" followed by the extension of a file search for pages that contain the extension of that file. For example: university filetype: doc Android app