It is certainly the goal of any company that wants to sell and make themselves known in an effective manner. By this we mean to be within the top positions when a user makes a search for certain words or expressions (what we call "keywords").

Part of Online Marketing working on this positioning in search engines is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

But ... How do you get?

The answer to this question is clear: Work with all that can make it happen. Depending on the quality of this work, the website of your company will appear in those top positions in a stable and durable.

But ... What enables a site is at the top?

1 - Promoting your website: In directories, portals, thematic webs connected, and so on. This requires that a qualified person to test your website indexed in an efficient manner, respecting the image and respecting the quality guidelines of search engines and, of course, that does not fall into the SPAM or spamdexing. This obviously takes time, but the search engines value these quality links very positively.

2 - Optimize your website under the quality guidelines of search engines: We all know that Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three search engines take into account, and are those that have greater control over the content that index, so its Web has to be perfectly accessible, have all the elements that they require and not use incompatible technologies that may give problems.
Example: Google Quality Guidelines for Webmasters.

3 - Update your website regularly: It is important that the contents of this website to be original, quality and updated from time to time. Search engines value your web very positive to date and show users new and updated content with proper keyword density.

These three points are basically what a difference from other sites, regardless of the criterion of the search engines. Let's face it ... it is more efficient a Web that is well planned, accessible and clear, that is very well indexed in all directories and portals on the same topic to be found, and always provide new information to strengthen user loyalty .

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