One of the factors affecting the positioning of a website is the internal structure thereof.

Will detail a guide to follow step by step, to obtain an excellent on-page optimization of our website:

1) Keywords in the URL: the url containing the keyword to optimize. For example if we want to optimize the keyword "flowers shop online at santiago" and our website is, the url of the page to optimize should be online-in-santiago.html

2) Keywords in domain name: Following the example above, it would be best to hire the domain or or having multiple domains pointing to the same site.

3) Keywords in the Title tag of the page code: It is essential that the title of the page containing the keywords that or we are optimizing. The length of it should be between 10 and 60 characters and should not contain special characters.

4) Keywords in the Description metatag code from the page: While it is estimated that Google rejects its content to index a site, the same is the description that appears on our site in the search result. It contains less than 200 characters.

5) Keywords in the Keywords metatag code from the page: It should contain less than 10 words and each word must appear somewhere in the body of the website so that Google will not penalize us by irrelevance of the keyword.

6) Density of keywords in the text of the page: between 5 and 20% (all keywords / total words in the list).

7) density of each individual keyword: between 1 and 6% (each keyword / total words in the list).

8) Keywords in H1 tags, H2 and H3: keywords should appear in the body of the page in these tags.

9) Power keywords: larger size, bold, italicized, is another of the recommendations.

10) Prominence of keywords: The higher the content of the web page appears, the better.

11) Keywords in the alt tag of images

12) Keywords in links to other site pages (anchor text)

13) All internal links on the page must be valid: you can use this tool to check them:

14) Links to external sites: Just have good links to external sites. No link to "links" farms ".

15) External Links must be valid.

16) Less than 100 external links in total.

17) domain name extension: in order from most to least status for Google:. Gov,. Edu,. Org,. Com,. Info

18) Size of each page: it should not exceed 100KB

19) Frequently updated content: Google loves this.

20) Age of site: When oldest best

21) Age of page vs. age of site: Pages newest oldest sites, have a faster recognition by Google.

If you follow these steps one by one, we will surely obtain a better positioning in search engines and thus will more visits to our website.

I hope the guide will be helpful. Android app