The Forum Marketing Forum Marketing and promotion methods and are practically free. You can handle a large amount of traffic to the site with posts you make. It will take a little time, but once you learn will help you effectively (without spam), you can use the power of forum posts to get lots of targeted traffic.

Note: The Forums are thematic and based on discussions on a specific theme ... such as a Marketing Forum, Business Forum, a forum for baseball games forum. Therefore, you should only participate and promote in the forums that are in your niche or are relevant to your product, website or service. If you do not, it is a complete waste of time.

Forum for your niche - (niche = theme of your site, product or service you offer)

You need to find the forum of your niche first. You'll need to search the web. I suggest you do this:

(1) The search with the appropriate keyword on Google. For example, "Marketing Forum". A specific search is the best way to write to the Google search box. Be sure to write it like then I'll show an example with spaces, etc., But DO NOT include the quotes. This example is to search the forums for "marketing" ...

(2) The search with the keyword on You will get quality links here.

(3) Visit a famous site and see if you have in your home directory in your niche forum. If you have a forum, make a left post your link and ask about more information users.

(4) Visit the forums in the previous steps (in particular the most popular) - and ask a question open to members ...

Something like - "Hi, I'm new here. While participating in this forum, I would like to know of other similar online forums that are popular marketing. I would be grateful if members could post links to other popular forums to talk about marketing. "

(5) Read blogs in your niche and look to bloggers to ask their list of forums.

(6) You can also find the forum of your niche by searching websites that are basically "Directories Forum" and, sure to browse the categories instead of making a keyword search on this site not very effective. Android app