It is too difficult to know what 2010 holds for us in business and stock options. Still have a little fear is normal, but the fact risking more or less a matter of each. Analyze all the possible consequences that could have in this market so volatile.

Anyway I think that there is nothing certain in life and investing less, which is why we must take all precautions to get into the ring. It becomes exceedingly difficult to bring large sums of money if we are not in the move.

So I want to leave 10 investment that I believe are very attractive to study this 2010.

1) Powershares DB Agriculture Fund (DBA) Leaps

One of the things that investors could take as a gift is the return of inflationary pressures on the market in 2010. In 2008, investors could take advantage of inflation in food prices by investing in this fund that I am recommending. This is a fund that allows us to access a wide range of agricultural products. Investing in this Fund will be buying wheat futures, soybean, and sugar CERELA. After gaining popularity and was stalled at 44 doar the first half of 2008, in the second half of 2008 was recognized as the fastest growing fund industry.

The demand for agricultural products does not shrink as production increases. Anyway, the brutal climate is unfolding in the American West is already slowing the production of wheat. I am sure he will make a profitable long term investment. They have to buy the following option: DBA Leaps in January 2011 to triple profits in a period of 6 months on average.

2) Pzifer

As a result of the weakening dollar made U.S. products are more accessible than abroad. If we examined the lists of U.S. exports surprise us as the pharmaceutical industry is the most exported. And not only this year, because when compared with other sectors in previous years we will conclude that it is the fastest growing sector. In fact this year the pharmaceutical sector had an increase of 17,89%.

Pfizer manufactures and exports a large quantity of drugs. This new year has already increased by 6% and many analysts are looking favorably at pfizer. Its growing point was when she bought her enemy Wyeth. Analysts are optimistic that the company can earn $ 1.97 per share, but do not exclude the possibility that it may reach $ 2.22 in late 2010. Pfizer currently has $ 3 per share in cash. If the stock reached $ 20 the chance to generate profits nine times more than previous ones and give a dividend of 3% is huge. I am convinced that the company will get listed on the $ 20. So do not stop studying Pfizer Calls to this 2010.

3) Amazon

People have to know that the economy will not recover this nowhere near 2010. Therefore it is essential to be alert to what might happen. Retailers are generally well managed but I will be very difficult to keep prices and profits seeing that demand becomes increasingly shaky. Retailers discount pursue policies will somehow be able to Survive, while maintaining retail prices will end up losing their business and customers.

An industry that keeps growing and growing for the 2010 are online purchases. Obviously, if we talk about online shopping can not stop talking about the big winner Amazon. With instability in the market that Amazon is very good way to survive. Also found in a niche market that has muchism potential for further growth. I recommend that you consider yourself and buy Calls from Amazon.

With a large decline in demand, but much of it met by Internet Retail SPDR S% P puts is transformed into an attractive investment. It is an ETF that represents the whole retail market, but online retailers are very poorly represented in this ETF. I recommend not buying it now because the graphics are not showing a possible entry of purchase. But if you have the patience surely going to be able squeeze juice from this investment in this new year.

4) Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK) Calls

If you are looking for the perfect action that allows you to increase your profits in the long-term study can not miss the gold market and commodities in general.

He noted a slight decrease in the gold market in early December, but Northern Dynasty Minerals was the only one he grew up. The best way to enter the gold market is by buying Calls for NAK. I was studying the Calls for the month of May since I found a very affordable price and with great growth potential. The gold will go up this year and you can not go wasted chances.

5) PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) Leaps

Most regional banks were collapsing in 2009 because of all the solvency and liquidity problems to face. While there are some actions that merit further in the lower, there are others who have been almost sunk by the crisis in general.

From my perspective PNC Financial Services Group are the second category I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. This company has relative strength index well above the market, which is showing us his great consolidation. Investing in stocks that the market already recognizes as winning is the only way to beat the game on Wall Street.

Leaps analyzed for PNC in January 2011 as the company continues to show his great qualities of growth.

6) STEC Inc. (STEC) Calls

Stec Inc has a large store in matters of information and technology and the market gained an astonishing way. At the beginning of this year's action had a great growth drop to $ 42.50. Also had some irregularities down to $ 17 per share.

Stec had a moment of despair when an aggressive order originated from EMC. If EMC reaches inventory Stec bother in the first quarter of 2010 will be likely that the results are very negative and that EMC represents 60% of sales of STEC. We must also say that as Oracle is adquiriedo Sun Mycrosystems customers will not comra storage equipment Stec driver for fear that Oracle will desist from them.

Anyway I consider very attractive. The company is generating 70 cents of cash flow per share in each quarter. Stec is likely to face a lot of competition and pressure on margins this year. But today is running at a 60% operating margins, which shows it has a wide range of pressure and to maintain good profits.

Stec has a very hot product in a very hot market, without mentioning that IBM and Hewlett-Packard are clients. I think this year will be very good for this action after seeing the income they had in last quarter. Stec and had an increase but still going to spend time with ups and downs and then if I consider an approximate increase of 150%. Imagine being able to take advantage of this action and have a 150% return in a short time.

7) Ford Motor (F) LEAPs

The great skill of Alan Mulally to avoid debt with the U.S. government makes a firm to buy Ford. With a sunken car market, Ford had the perseverance paid off. Numbers were adjusted in the balance and designing cars are cheaper, but without losing the modern designs position Ford succeeded again.

Signs of strength in this great party and bore fruit. The domestic sales of vehicles began to increase with an economy that tries to rise after a strong blow. Ford is betting on small cars, but will have to see how it impacts both on Wall Street and in the automotive market. But the perception of Ford as a strong company and builder of quality will continue to generate income for investors in 2010.

Ford already had a huge growth after the Great Depression, but many technical indicators that warn us of another possible rally this year. If you are interested, analyze the Leaps in January 2011.

8) Dot Hill Systems Corp (Hill)

This company manufactures small and medium applications to store information of their main clients are Hewlett Packard (HPQ) and NetApp (NTAP). Essentially these are storage applications as a sheet metal wrapped around a selection of independent disks (RAID). This hardware has a limited capacity of intellectual property content, so the gross margins fell Hill encontrándoose now between 12% and 15%.

In September 2008 Hill bought RAIDCore and NAS (networked-attached storage) and also the company's intellectual property Ciprico (CPCIQ). The interesting thing is that the acquisition is connected to RAID storage through a software solution rather than hardware. This means that the functionality of the application of Raid can be purchased for 80% less. We should also clarify that gross margins ranging between 90 and 95 percent.

In mid-November NTAP reported earnings and revenues exceeding estimates. Investors know that Hill is a provider of NTAP, so Hill could feel some negative effects.

An improvement in margins and earnings likely have a positive effect on the return on investment. Taking all the features to operate, that's why I recommend buying shares in this company.

9) 10 UltraShort Financials ProShares (SKF) Calls

Having suffered the brunt of the downturn have to say that the financial market is having a bipolar behavior. Some banks are having the ability to be self-sufficient, while others can not survive if it is not asking the American government loans.

Many large banks appear to be well and be Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo unfortunately are not. In the case of Bank of America the debts appear to be the priority, but must say that beyond the purchase of Merrill Lynch's balance sheet remains very deteriorated. Bank of America is in need of 18 billion dollars in Federal Reserve guarantees in order to function properly. Wells Fargo instead will have to put 100 billion dollars on what I consider to be the less active there are immaculate in their balance sheets in January. But I think it is very little money to the bank's future and is also very far from being economically solve the problems you are having with their funds. And really forget about Citigroup. A bank with 300 trillion in debt garnatía Federal Reserve, debt of 45 trillion over the funds and constant tension negocios.Creo managing their surprising that the most vain for this to be the weak 2010 earnings will have the good banks. Just think operations will fall and there will be a rise in interest.
Therefore I suggest you continue with the UltraShort Financials ETF where you can get from 1.5% to 1.6% for each point that will fall on the Dow Jones financial index. The greatest risk but what are the biggest buying SKF retonro Calls. They have to wait a while to get into, I would recommend waiting until the banks submit their earnings reports and then be alert to generate profits in the short term.

I hope you have served. Good Trading. Android app