All that began to plunge in the financial world know that the hardest question to answer is to know that company is that we will give the best performance. Simpre One must know that for targets to choose a method of investment which a sense of recognition. If you're looking for is to increase the value of our portfolio singing the strategy we will use will be to find the best companies consistently.

Now I want to show the best place to find what I consider the best actions.

Investors Daily buisnesses

Here you will find all necessary information to invest. One of the services that most convinced me buisnesses Investors Daily is the newspaper called IBD Timesaver Table, where are the best actions with their respective data.

In these weekly installments can identify actions that grew and fell. But within all of us to have risen only going to look the best.

But that table where all the companies listed have a very specific set of features, so I want to show them and explain the meanings of each:

1) Ratio (EPS): The values range from 1 to 99. We always have to take companies with a ratio exceeding 80 EPS.

2) Relative Price Ratio: The values also range from 1 to 99. We must choose the values greater than 90.

3) Relative Strength of the groups for Industry: The values range from A to E. We only can we choose the values A, A +, A-.

4) Sales, profit margins and ROE. We will also choose the values A +, A-yA.

5) Ratio of accumulation and distribution.
We will also choose the values A, A +, A -

Overall teneindo into account these requirements we would be choosing the best actions. It may happen in some cases we consider companies that are in category B +, but this usually best represented in category A, A + and A-. Another aspect to consider is the per share price of companies. Let us consider as a general rule a $ 20 value that would represent a good company. Now, if we consider values less likely we are not choosing the best and my aim is always to have the best companies.

If you really want to invest in the stock market is essential to buy the newspaper Investor Daily buisnesses. There is a probationary period of a couple of weeks but then they have to pay the subscription. If you perform the monthly subscription have to pay about $ 30, but if you prefer to buy the service for a year would pay $ 250. Android app