Compiler Engineer for SSG required at Intel

Job Description

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The binary instrumentation group develops the Pin binary instrumentation engine that is the instrumentation for Intel Parallel Studio, which helps developers develop code for multi-core applications. Pin allows developers to instrument their code  to insert new code into running applications to do things such as to track lock operations, memory allocation, memory read/writes, and much more. Current projects include making Pin work for managed languages (eg .NET), porting Pin to Moblin and Larrabee systems, and lots more. Qualifications You must possess at least a first degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering. Full/Part Time: Full Time Job Type: Experienced Regular/Temporary: Regular Posting Date: Mar 14, 2010 Apply Before: Mar 14, 2011

Skills required

- Knowledge and experience in development under Microsoft* Windows* and/or Linux* environment - Knowledge and experience in system software, drivers and/or operating system (OS) kernel - Compiler technology, - Programming experience in .NET and / or Java - Intel CPU Architecture - Software performance analysis

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