CPU Silicon Design Engineer

Job Description

In this position, you will be responsible for training to develop and/or implement complex and high speed circuits on the leading-edge and State-of-Art process technology for next generation CPU design. Your job responsibilities will include micro-architecture studies, schematic edits, digital circuit implementation, formal equivalent verification, wire planning and/or optimization, logic optimization, performance verification(timing), Power, Electrical Rule Check and Noise convergence, ensure high standard of design quality and reliability. You will have opportunity to work on various design styles (Synthesis design, Register File (similar to SRAM), Datapath structure design) and some horizontal design activities such as IC solution and section timing roll-up. You may be exposed to some front end layout work as well.

Skills required

You must possess a Bachelor of Engineering degree or a Master of Science degree in Electronic, Electrical or Computer Engineering, or equivalent with preferably one to three years of experience.

Experience Required








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Company Info

Employees in the Intel Architecture Group (IAG) deliver innovative platforms across computing and communication segments including data centers, mobile and desktop personal computers, handhelds, embedded devices and consumer electronics. Intel's industry leading technology is used to create integrated hardware and software solutions such as processors, chipsets, communication radios, graphics processors, motherboards, and networking components that deliver capabilities from security and manageability to computing performance and energy efficiency. Intel Architecture Group (IAG) employees are at the forefront of enabling a new era of computing that is more integrated into all aspects of our daily lives.


Darshan C



Creation Date

Monday, 20 June 2011

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