Diploma Thesis in Germany

Job Description

Job Description: Creation of a Diploma Thesis in the Area of Complex System Verification of LTE Modems.

Skills required

Basic courses passed at University that allows executions of a Diploma thesis. Knowledge in concept creation, development and report generation of system tests Knowledge in hardware/software integration and verification Knowledge in the field of communication protocols (WLAN, GSM, UMTS, LTE) Knowledge in debug and error analysis of wireless communication systems

Experience Required







  • Address: Intel GmbHDornacher Strasse 1D-85622 Feldkirchen/MuenchenGermany


Company Info

Employees in the Intel Architecture Group (IAG) deliver innovative platforms across computing and communication segments including data centers, mobile and desktop personal computers, handhelds, embedded devices and consumer electronics. Intel's industry leading technology is used to create integrated hardware and software solutions such as processors, chipsets, communication radios, graphics processors, motherboards, and networking components that deliver capabilities from security and manageability to computing performance and energy efficiency. IAG employees are at the forefront of enabling a new era of computing that is more integrated into all aspects of our daily lives. The Team at IMC Technology Dresden, is responsible to create modem IP for 4th Generation Cellular Networks such as Long Term Evolution (LTE). The team is working on definition, design and verification of such IP.


Darshan C



Creation Date

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

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