TestHole Resolution Engineer

Job Description

In this position, you will be responsible for continuous microprocessor test coverage improvement through system (PC) level analysis on production (CMT tester) CPU test-hole rejects. You will be exposed to the latest Intel CPU products and technologies for CPU testing. Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to: - Validating CPU rejects from production (on system level) and bucketing them according to the failing signature - Debugging and analyzing rejects (on system level) to isolate the failing instructions and conditions using various system-level debug tools, methodologies and knowledge - Porting system failures to production tester by developing new tests - Researching emerging technologies for CPU testing and pathfinding and defining new capabilities for continuous improvement of test-hole analysis tools and debug methodologies

Skills required

You must possess a Master's or a Bachelor's degree in Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering or Microelectronics. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply. Additional qualifications include: - Knowledge in system level PC software and/or hardware, microprocessor architecture including IA-32 and assembly language, tester knowledge and software programming - Strong problem solving and analytical skills - Excellent team work and a positive mindset - Prior experience in CPU test area would be an added advantage

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  • Address: Penang 1, 2, 2.1, 3, 5, 5.2, 7, 8, 9, 12 Box 121 Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone 11900 Penang, Pulau Pinang Malaysia


Company Info

As the world's largest chip manufacturer, Intel strives to make every facet of semiconductor manufacturing state-of-the-art -- from semiconductor process development and manufacturing, through yield improvement to final test and optimization and lastly packaging. Employees in the Technology and Manufacturing group are part of a worldwide network of manufacturing and assembly and/or test facilities. Intel's microprocessor System Failure Analysis Group [aka Testhole Resolution (THR) group] is part of the Malaysia Failure Analysis (MyFA) group under the Malaysia Quality and Reliability (Q&R) department. This group is responsible for test coverage improvement for Intel flagship processors including Intel? Core(TM)2 Duo Processor and future microprocessors. The System Failure Analysis group working environment fosters technical excellence and innovation. Furthermore, as a group who believes strongly in employee development, there are opportunities to train in overseas on product development, early new product involvement and technical competency enhancement.


Darshan C



Creation Date

Monday, 20 June 2011

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