anil sinha winner of kbc 5 1 crore rupees
KBC 5 hosted by Amitabh Bachchan saw yet another winner of 1 crore rupees in the form of Anil Kumar, a bank employee from Patna, Bihar. Anil Kumar Sinha came with a view of winning the coveted amount of 1 crore rupees and he did it by using the life line Phone-a-Friend in the 12th question and finally quit his last question which is the jackpot question worth 5 crores deciding against using the deadly "Double-Dip" lifeline. This means KBC 5 has the second "Crorepati" after Sushil Kumar who had got the jackpot question right and took home 5 crore rupees.

Here are the Questions asked to Anil Kumar and the answers:

Ques No 01: Which of these is a fielding position in cricket ?

A. Round Head
B. Square Leg
C. Long Tail
D. Short Hand

Ans :B. Square Leg

Ques No :02: What does the word ' nazarband' mean ?
A. Cast a ' nazar'
B. Arrest
C. Giving Gifts
D. Inability to see

Ans :B. Arrest

Ques No :03: The output of which of these is measured in megawatt ?

A. Petrol
B. Minerals
C. Power
D. Natural Gas
Ans :C. Power

Ques NO:04: In Which continent in the country of Libya located ?
A. Europe
B. Australia
C. Asia
D. Africa

Ans :D. Africa

Ques No :05: Identify the film from this theme music.
A. Thanedaar
B. Dil to pagal Hai
C. Aaja Nachle
D. Gaja Gamini

Ans : C. Aaja Nachle

Used the "Audience poll" lifeline.

Ques No :06: According to the Constitution of India, Which of these procedures can be used to remove a Supreme Court or High Court Judge from his or her Post ?
A. Impeachment
B. No Confidence Motion
C. White Paper
D. Privilege Motion

Ans :A. Impeachment

Ques No :07:In 1915, which of these coalfields in India reported a fire that could not be extinguished and has been burning since ?

A. Raniganj
B. Jharia
C. Bokaro
D. Korba

Ans :B. Jharia

Ques No :08: In the Mahabharata, who cursed all women stating that they would never be able to keep secrets ?
A. Krishna
B. Shantanu
C. Yudhishthira
D. Durvasa

Ans : C. Yudhishthira

Ques No :09: What ministerial portfolio did Atal Bihari Vajpayee hold in the Morarji Desai government ?

C. Home
D. External Affairs

Ans : D. External Affairs

Ques NO :10 : What is the biggest species of Asian antelope ?
A. Nilgai
B. Markhor
C. Blackbuck
D. Cheetal

Ans : A. Nilgai

Used "Ask the Expert" and got it right.

Ques No :11 : In August 2011, NASA launched a space craft called ' Juno' to study the facts related to the origin  and development of which planet ?

A. Neptune
B. Saturn
C. Jupiter
D. Mars

Ques No :12 : Who is the youngest person in the world to climb Mount Everest ?

A. Arjun Vajpai
B. Jordan Romero
C. Ming Kipa Sherpa
D. Temba Tsheri

Ans : B. Jordan Romero

Called his younger brother and he replied with the correct answer.

Ques No :13: Which of these has been rated as the hottest Chilli in the World by Guiness World Records in 2011 ?

A. Bhut Jolokia
B. The Infinity Chilli
C. Naga Viper Pepper
D. Trinadad Scorpian Buch T

Ans : D. Trinadad Scorpian Buch T

Decided not to use the Double Dip lifeline and took away the 1 crore prize money!! Android app