The Permanent Contingency Commission (COPECO) of Honduras said today "red" (emergency) in four departments in the Caribbean country, the threat of tropical storm "Richard" to become hurricane.

The warning applies for an indefinite period in the departments of Atlantida, Colon, Islas de la Bahia and Gracias a Dios, while the yellow (preventive) is maintained in Olancho, Yoro and Cortes said the Copeco in a statement.

The owner of the Copeco, Lisandro Rosales, told reporters that according to reports from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the United States, Tropical Storm "Richard" could be developing into a category one hurricane to the 02.00 hours local time on Sunday (08.00 GMT).

At that time the phenomenon might be affecting the sector in Cape Camarón, in the department of Columbus, east of the country, he added.

The newsletter adds that Copeco tropical storm "Richard" was located at 16:00 local time (22.00 GMT) "to 130 kilometers from Cabo Gracias a Dios, and could generate up to 125 mm rainfall in the coming hours."

The natural phenomenon, which has become a hurricane, could travel the Caribbean coast of Honduras with winds between 119 and 153 kilometers per hour.

Other factors that have been declared red alert in four departments of the Honduran Caribbean, is the increasing swell, the winds gust and heavy rain, added Copeco newsletter.

Professional Football League, meanwhile, decided to suspend the game between the teams Life and Victoria, for the twelfth day, which would be played today in the Caribbean city of La Ceiba, Atlantida, home of both clubs. Android app