Sushil Kumar, made history by winning the highest prize money(5 crore rupees) in the Indian reality TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 hosted by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Sushil comes from a small town in Bihar and works as a computer operator for a government agency with a monthly income of Rs. 6000. He said after the game show that he aimed at winning 25 lakhs to clear of his parents' and brother's debt but went on further to answer all 13 questions, including the jackpot question correctly for which he used the "double dip" lifeline.

Sushil Kumar winner of KBC 5.By this, Sushil becomes the only contestant win so much money on any Indian reality show once the amount was raised to 5 crore rs. in the 4th edition. He now wants to quit his job and try for civil service examinations and help his family with the money, including buying a house for his wife. Rahat Tasleem won 1 crore rupees in the 4th edition and since then Sushil is the only one to win more than 50 lakhs in KBC. The episode was shot on 25th October 2011 and was aired on Nov 1 and 2 - 2011 on SONY TV. The questions asked and the way he answered is as follows:

Q 1: Which of these phrases means “Bewakoof Banana”?

A: Topi Pehnana wins Rs 5,000

Q 2: “Kanjak Puja“ or “Kanya Puja” is a ritual associated with which Hindu festival?

A: Navratri wins Rs 10,000

Q 3: With which part of a computer is the advertising slogan “Intel Inside” associated?

A: Processor (Takes Audience Poll) wins Rs 20,000

Q 4: “Mithila” and “Madhubani” are also names of which kind of folk art?

A: Paintings wins Rs 40,000.

Q 5: Whose voice is this?

A: Lalu Prasad Yadav wins Rs 80,000

Q 6: Muammar Gaddafi was the ruler of which country from 1969 to 2011?

A: Libya wins Rs 1,60,000

Q 7: Who is the author of the play “Andher Nagri”?

A: Bhartendu Harishchandra wins Rs 3,20,000

Q 8: According to the 2011-2012 Union Budget, people of which age are considered as ‘very senior citizen’?

A:  80 years wins Rs 6,40,000

Q 9: After Sachin Tendulkar which Indian Batsmen has scored the most number of runs in Test Cricket?

A: Rahul Dravid wins Rs 12,50,000

Q 10: Which investigation agency was founded in 2009 and given special powers to probe terror crimes in India?

A 10: National Investigation Agency wins Rs 25,00,000

Q 11: According to Hindu muthology, Who among these was the daughter of an 'apsara' and 'rishi'?

A 11: Shakuntla wins 50,00,000

Q 12: What was the only dowry, apart from a few yards of khadi, that Lal Bahadur Shastri accepted in his marriage?

A 12: Charkha(Takes the lifeline "Ask The Expert" who guides him correctly) wins Rs 1 Crore.(First winner of Rs. 1 Crore in this season.)

Q 13: Which Colonial power ended its involvement in India by selling the rights of the Nicobar Islands to the British on October 16, 1868?

A 13: Denmark wins Rs 5 Crore. (Here he opts for Phone a Freind first who fails to answer but then risks his money by opting for "Double Dip" and gets the correct answer in his first attempt and makes history by winning the huge sum and the only person to do so in all editions of Kaun Banega Crorepati.) Android app