Nothing is permanent except change. Heraclitus.

The current business scenarios are characterized by aggressive competition where successful emerging companies that have prepared for this, since modern technology required to train human resource with knowledge updated according to the demands of this the consumers demand.

Of course, professionals require proactive, creative, innovative, strategic, visionary capable of giving way to programs, action plans, strategies that promote their actions, performance.

In an interesting letter to Sonia in Brazil, he notes, you can not ignore that in this there is a great size and speed of change around the world, which has generated a dramatic impact on people and their workplaces in recent times. And the future is threatening us with a further acceleration in terms of innovation, technology and globalization. 


Since then, he says, when there is a time of profound change, knowledge expands. Do not forget, he says, that a major transformation in recent times came from an economy based on industries to enter an information-based economy. Currently the amount of knowledge available is immense, one must know what we should learn to select and where to invest our time to our intellectual and professional growth.

We must strive to improve our flexibility, speed and quality of work done and also give importance to productivity. This is because organizations know that customers not only demand that products and services faster and with impeccable quality, they also want products and services are not expensive. Organizations need results.
Everything has changed, is changing and will change in future with more and faster. In addition to what happens in organizations, there are also changes in how we relate to people, in how we live longer, healthier and happier.

Of course, such a comment is valid and calls for business to have within its human resources staff qualified in all positions anoint necessary to ensure operational excellence, where the productivity of l supported commitment to ensuring through their processes, products administrative and a good quality that meets the needs that consumers demand and make the final products are competitive and accepted.

The fact that, given this reality of dynamic competition, where successful companies offer products to meet consumer demand, to guarantee companies conquer markets and stay in them, companies that want to achieve it should have trained professionals , updated according to the administrative requirements, this requires technological.

Insists Jordao noted, is taken into account, that increasingly, professionals need to know to worry about knowing what features it has. This is important in order to strengthen its virtues and its flaws work in the professional field. Each time more, organizations are looking for ethical professionals, who have enthusiasm, initiative, responsibility, humor, competition in what he does and also achieve a good interpersonal relationship in the workplace.

A good way to differentiate themselves in this new context of the labor market is fully leverage its creativity. See that creativity is simply trying to do differently from what they do all the same. Thinking about a new way, more practical, better, cheaper or faster to do their activities to achieve expected results by the Organization. Thus, the professional who wants to grow needs to be creative in finding new solutions to the problems of everyday life.


In particular, professionals if they want to ensure not only his tenure in office work, should be trained to maintain a constant re-powering of their knowledge according to the characteristics of the current scenarios, knowing integrate properly handle his leadership, motivate, encourage staff, be creative, enterprising and innovative course, all in function of ensuring that their management lead the company to successfully participate in the scenario in which they operate. You must have a sound general education that enables interpret, understand and anticipate the changes that occur in society and to facilitate the release of all necessary in the modern enterprise.

Above all have a deep humanistic education, through which it can implement an efficient process in the company leadership and knowledge in the functional areas of the company that will facilitate understanding of these areas and constant updating in these areas manages knowledge Android app