The first step of selling a product moves through the Internet or in providing services and information sites across the internet, is the people's access to the site to see the item or information they are looking for

Of course, that improve the site in search engine results and the results appear in advanced visitors come to you, but the search engine can not force the visitors to continue browsing your site, or to purchase items from your website or use the information that you provide
So make sure you are viewing a commodity or service required or the information that the people  the offer, and well, and providing them with proper and adequate information about the product or service through your
In the event you sell your product through your site then provides all the necessary information about the product by placing your Links pages linked to the information on the retail product so the customer can navigate within your site and get all the adequate information about the service or item purchased by
Understand your customers Almstahedvien :

 - Try to be close to your customers and visitors to your site and try to understand their way of thinking and orientation and serve in their opinion, or your- Try to find out what they like your site?- Try to find out what they do not like in your site?- Try to make offers and discounts from time to time, and felt their reaction
Search for answers to the following questions :

 - Is your product cheaper than the other two?- Are you quick response to inquiries and requests?- Can you describe the product or service correctly and sufficient?- Are you seeking to achieve better service from time to time?- Do you know the age of your customers or visitors to your site?- Do you know their nationalities?- Customers and visitors to your site whether they are female or men?Do you give your site all the information sufficient?When you sell a product through your site, clients can purchase 24 hours a dayIn often have visitors from different countries have separated between you and them miles and milesSoTry to supply visitors with all the different ways that can call you on its way, and make that information in front of them in all the pages within your site, it is possible during the one of the purchase is experiencing problems or want to know certain information before the completion of the procurement process, Vajolh able to reach you in any time