I want to comment on some sales techniques used by top Internet marketers, of course these techniques is that you must add our imagination to achieve greater results.

Above all have to have great motivation for what you are doing online, with this main ingredient probably not cost you a lot of ways to innovate their sales on their sites, remember that if you're doing what you really like your imagination, creativity and efforts reduced be insured.

The first thing we have to take into account and certainly the most important is your list of subscribers, must have their forms of inclusion to their lists in each of its pages, your e-mail, electronic books, courses, products, blogs etc.. Remember that your visitors can access from any location to their sites.

Staying in touch with their schedules must become paramount to success in business, will have to utilizr AutoReply, at the beginning does not matter much if they are unique (there are good autoresponder software you can buy for $ 20 or $ 30 USD. By unica see and then install on your hosting) or hiring a private AutoReply service, again there are many options, of course I will have quue pay the monthly maintenance fee of the service, but when his list is increasing, that Cream will occur, began to require higher capabilities in the list and then if you need professional autorreponder ofrese only by private companies.

Another point, NEVER but never put on their sites with a simple registration form Suscribe, this is not enough, a look else using your creativity and add such as discount coupons, Offer mini-courses only for those who subscribe to their lists , give him some e-book of great use to them, any special report, etc.. Scroll through the web and notice that other marketers are doing online, not to copy but to improve their techniques and use them to their advantage.


This is what you need to complete their lists of subscribers and a newsletter you will mark their delivery times and they have the opportunity to ofrese quality information not only to its subscribers but also serves to promote all their products, new releases, its subscribers will address all your sites and boost your traffic, you trust just anyone can make them really focus on what you like and you began to flow from the words you need, there are also many different books on the web that show us how to make them, the next steps, the parts of a newsletter, etc..

third point, ITS WEBSITE

Build your own website, is your platform of income to your prospects, is the face of your business on the web but remember that at first before you sell that building relationships with your visitors to build something very important in online: its reputation and CREDIBILITY.

Try to show honesty in their sites without too many colors, not too extravagant exsajerados or a more consentrese see the content because that is what people search for on the network. Link your blogs on which you write your articles to their websites so that visitors have all your information at hand, this will trust you much faster than if you build a site without a single photo or an email address to which go if they want to consult something.

Fourth item Focus on your niche market.

Stay focused on a particular niche of a niche market because with this allows you to carefully study this space and to position itself as an expert in your niche, this course provides major benefits

Fifthly, developing your unique selling POINT

This is Differentiate from the rest, for sure if really in what your site may have its unique way of addressing their sites, promotions, etc..

Find what is unique about your business, see why a client would buy you and not your competition, position yourself in the shoes of your customer and try to see what they really need.


I assure you that if your sites unique content quality ofrese be filled with visitors who request them by analogy naturally their products without you having to insist on the sales of them.

First, I say again, Ganesan their TRUST and then you can access it as if your best friend. It is true that our main goal is the sale but this starts to happen when quality really brings benefits to our audience, they must feel that you have received a great help then not only will return to their sites but also get free draft recommendations you have to do anything about it

This is a good choice for example to always have on their sites free downloadable e-book that can help your audience and put a form which the visitor can communicate with you personally and you can respond directly.


There are websites that have a form of subscriptions on your web index.htm and ready, not, use each of its pages to try to offer something that can help your visitor, that each page of your site's can access their offers, promotions and gifts, remember one see more than their visitors enter your site not only for its page index.htm.

Eight key points and also is AUTOMATE YOUR SITE

Once you you start with the e-commerce began to notice that it takes time, is that the tasks and resources we have to apply on our sites really take their time, then automating some tasks buelve more than necessary.

It comes down to who do not have to make thousands of times the same tasks, for example let's see if we equip our website with a website visitor CONCERNS and configure our AutoReply to respond according to certain guidelines such as:

FAQ - free reports - a list of products - price lists - offline product catalogs, all this I can assure you that if you want to do it manually it may take a month, but if it automates is another matter.

I assure you that your visitors to see you respond in a timely manner to queries be more than satisfied with you and you and imagine what the outcome of this ... yes, more sales, of course.

Ninth point, put a signature to your E-MAIL MESSAGES

This is just something that took us two minutes and you can configure it to send all our emails with our block of text that may be the end of an email message, remember our mail is also a part of our marketing tools and since they can enter to our sites a future buyer of our products. There are also proper ways to write their signatures and even much information about the web, for example:

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Well these are some points we can take into account the wish for more sales, certainly help us greatly.

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