Over the years working with business owners in the field of web designing I have realized that they are highly motivated to build their businesses, and one of the topics that comes out of the conversation is the website. Many businesses do not have a clear idea of ​​what it means, and many others have little knowledge about how the Internet, which have much fear of embarking on the adventure.

I can say from experience that there is nothing that has revolutionized the marketing and advertising business and the power of a Web page.i will explain why.

  1. Is a form of low cost advertising. - Gone are the times when only multibillion dollar companies could reach millions of people on TV and radio ads very high cost. With a website you can get an unlimited amount of potential consumers worldwide, paying only a small fraction of the cost. There are no limits to the audience that you can capture through its website.
  2. It's like having your business open 24/7.- No matter the time or day, your website is always open to the public with detailed information, photos, videos and all the details you wish to provide on your product or service.
  3. Is your best partner sales. - Many times when a potential client know the circumstances do not give us the opportunity to explain in detail what our business, but if we give the direction of our Web page, they can visit and easy to read in the comfort of your home, office or on his cell phone, all information about our services, see photo galleries and even testimonials from our customers, which we could not do it in person for the brevity of time or otherwise.
  4. Create image and credibility in the business. - Any business today is considered serious if it has a Web page. Unfortunately however effective and more dedication you will put your business, if you do not have an Internet presence is at a great disadvantage against its competitors. It is no longer just a matter of necessity or advantages that a website offers, is also largely his image as a business. A website is your number one letter when making sales. If you do not have one, your potential clients to look at him with suspicion. How can I trust the products or services this company offers do not even have a website? I personally as a consumer I have done many times this question. Do not let this happen to your business, you will have to put so much work and dedication.
  5. It helps you improve your relationship with your customers or potential customers. - A website is a tool not only advertising, but that helps you communicate with your customers or prospective customers. Visitors to your site can post comments, send questions, write an email. The website becomes a powerful source of interactive communication which initiates contact with potential customers and strengthening relationships with existing customers. You can include discount coupons for visitors to your Web page, or invite them to leave their testimonies and comments can also suggest visiting your page on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, etc..
  6. Is a physical extension of your business. A Web page is used not only as a tool to provide information, it can also be used as an extension of your business. You can create a catalog of products and services so that your customers can buy online. You can also set a payment system through their website, or create a form for an estimate or consultation. All this 24 hours a day without you is physically present. Is not that amazing?

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