Aspirin: A daily dose can harm healthy people
The healthy people who take daily aspirin for prevention are more likely to suffer internal bleeding, says a British study.
Furthermore, aspirin has proved just as effective than placebo in preventing atherosclerosis, which increases the risk of certain heart disorders.
The researchers evaluated the preventive effect of daily aspirin in patients potentially at risk for cardiovascular disease but who were deemed healthy after all.
They were followed for 8 years, 3 350 participants, aged 50 to 75 who had blood pressure high systolic. Half of them received daily treatment with 100 mg of aspirin, while other participants received a placebo medication.
In total, 2% of patients in the first group were hospitalized after suffering a hemorrhage. This percentage was 1.2% in the control group.
A lack of evidence
These results do not surprise Dr. Paul Poirier, a cardiologist and professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Laval University: "The evidence on the effectiveness of aspirin as a preventive measure are lacking for other diseases such as for diabetes. A caveat is, moreover, reflected in the scientific literature and practice guidelines in Canada. "
The findings of the study does not however call into question the scientific evidence of the effectiveness of aspirin in preventing cardiovascular complications in patients already sick, say the authors of the study. Android app