The alternatives that exist in the market to solve the problem of premature ejaculation are very diverse. In this article we make a comparison between the so-called quick fixes and long-term solutions.

Solutions Snapshot

Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation are pressured to find a solution quickly and efficiently. It is for this reason that options such as pills, creams retardants, use of condoms and other methods have emerged in a market that is obviously looking to sell the product regardless of whether the body will react buyer the right way. Also these products involve investment of money very high and constant.

Another drawback with these products is leading to a dependence on them whenever you want to have sex. With that, you lose a little spontaneity and pleasure that causes a sexual encounter. In other cases you can get to the point that if man does not have its "remedy" at hand and is about to have sex, its performance is affected by the nerves caused by not having your tool.

In general, these solutions are very advantageous as long as serve as an aid to plan long-term serious attack, which poses below.

Long Term Solutions

I personally believe that every man who suffers or has suffered from premature ejaculation, or eventually reached will go to such solutions. The reason is very simple, 90% of men who intend to end premature ejaculation do when they decide to devote time and will.

The two major long-term solutions are: professional medical help, where an expert can advise and monitor their "sexual health" and the other option is to buy the "Guide to Prolong Ejaculation. Obviously the latter is the more simple and unobtrusive as it is you who has total control of the situation.

The "Guide to Prolong Ejaculation" is a book written by Rodrigo Jorge, which provide a range of physical and mental exercises that will be building a strong self-esteem and self confidence, which after a few weeks reflect on their time in bed. In addition to advice as just described, Jorge provides information on how to better partner sex, proper nutrition to improve sexual performance and sometimes includes other free guides.