An outbreak of genital herpes can be something very distressing. Those who experience genital herpes often suffer stress, anxiety, and embarrassment as a result of this disease, and these feelings are exponential during the duration of an outbreak of genital herpes, and these feelings can make the outbreak worse. The victims of genital herpes can avoid feeling anxious and stressed out with some tips to treat this disease at home and help prevent and reduce outbreaks when they occur.

1. Eliminate stress. - Stress is a major factor in the cause of any viral disease, and genital herpes is no exception. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, a new outbreak of herpes is a highly stressful situation. So you should try to avoid getting stressed. You can as much as possible to avoid stress in their daily lives. Take vitamin B, solve their problems at work or in their relationship, and change their behavior or style of visa to avoid stressful situations. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can also reduce stress.

2. Staying Clean - This may seem obvious, but keep the area clean during an outbreak of infection is paramount. A hot bath with salts 2 to 3 times a day will help in the healing process. If drying towel is too painful or uncomfortable, you can use a hair dryer to the outbreak area.

3. Treatment - If antivirals are too severe or cause unwanted side effects, apply a natural remedy for Herpeset three times a day will help during the healing process, and is incredibly effective for the treatment of genital herpes. Supplements of lysine and vitamin B and C also help your immune system can fight infection. Android app