Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder) is a disorder where a person will act as more than one personality. This disorder is an effect of emotional abuse or extremely high physical, mental or sexual trauma caused during childhood of a person where he/she had suffered badly. It is broadly said as the dissociation of a person from a particular situation of real world and experience a violent or painful act punishing himself or in several cases other too. Generally normal people feel lost sometimes in daydreaming and sometimes when in a deep job. The exponential version of this is called as the dissociative identity disorder. This disorder is caused when a small child of age around 9 is severely affected mentally. The most severe and chronic manifestation of dissociative disorders cause multiple personality


         A person with this disorder will have two to three types of behaviour and has a big inability to remember or recall keen personal information such as his identity. The different personality which may affect a person can be of different age, sex and each of these personalities will have their own way of talking, eating and walking. The major symptom of this disorder being depression, suicidal attempts, insomnia, they also suffer from acute headache and uneasiness in body. They usually do unusual activities when their personality changes such as talking loudly, speeding a vehicle and consider themselves compelled to do it. Person in this disorder state will normally feel "out of body" experience and will lack power of realisation at certain situation and will be prone to amnesia. Identity confusion is most common among them. The main personality with which a person was leading a life would have no idea that there were many changes going on resulting in accumulation of new personalities in it.

         After diagnosis, during initial course of treatment, the number of personalities can be two to four and may also increase with time and the environmental changes. Diagnosis of this disorder is highly difficult and person undergoing this treatment should hand in hand have his depression and anxiety also tested periodically. The stastistical report says that around less than 1% of world population show this disorder and it is believed that around 7% of population would have undiagnosed disorder. As believed there is no cure for this disorder. But since as a fact that it is directly connected to anxiety and stress, psychotherapy and long term medications would cure them. Anti depression drugs would benefit them slightly and help them recover faster.

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